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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, and it's when a phone call is made using the internet instead of a conventional hard-line infrastructure. Conventional phone providers incur costs for maintenance and bandwidth, costs that can be avoided by using VoIP. This makes VoIP calling significantly less expensive than regular phones, and VoIP providers then pass these savings on to the consumer.

VoIP phones are also more versatile, with the ability to sync up with your mobile phone, use video calling, or make cheap long distance calls. Most VoIP providers even have free calling inside the US and Canada. VoIP phones are cheaper, feature loaded options for businesses and residences.

Business VoIP

VoIP is both efficient and cost effective, making it a great option for businesses. VoIP is significantly cheaper than conventional phones services, especially for businesses that make a lot of outbound phone calls. VoIP also has many features that can be helpful for day to day businesses, like multiple phone lines, toll free vanity numbers, conference calling, inter-office chat, and video calling.

Your business can also save by having your VoIP phone system hosted by a VoIP provider off site. You will save on maintenance and personnel costs with having an online PBX instead of a conventional, onsite switchboard.

VoIP Reviews

VoIP technology is growing rapidly in popularity. Because of this, the VoIP service industry itself is rapidly growing, and there are new VoIP providers popping up all of the time. With so many VoIP providers, it can be tricky for consumers to make an educated decision on what VoIP provider suits them best.

This is where VoIP Reviews can help

As VoIP is a primarily online service, it is important for consumers to review VoIP services so that other consumers can have an idea of what they are getting. It is important that these reviews accurately assess the qualities of each provider, so TheDigest thoroughly vets reviews for ones with quality, helpful content.

VoIP reviews are the most helpful when you can accurately determine what your business needs are. How many people need phone lines in your office? How many outbound phone calls do you make per week? What do you currently spend on phone service? Knowing these basic facts will help you make the best VoIP decision.

VoIP Business Directory

The VoIP provider business is booming and competitive, and it can be difficult to pare down your options. In order to help you determine which VoIP service is best for your business, TheDigest has compiled an extensive directory of business VoIP providers, complete with quality ratings and comprehensive reviews.

VoIP Speed Tester

How many VoIP lines can your internet connection support? Test your connection by our using our VoIP Speed Test. It's free!.