Best Business Web Hosting

There are many options in figuring out the best business web hosting for your company’s specific entrepreneurial needs.

The many advantages to business website hosting include saving money by sharing server space and generating secure online shopping transactions.

Basic Features of the Best Business Web Hosting

More elements to consider for the best business web hosting include:

  • Online marketing (SEO)
  • Web site builder
  • Tech support
  • Blog compatible
  • Number of email and FTP accounts
  • Money-back guarantee

Cost for the Best Business Web Hosting

The best business web hosting options cost about $2 to $50 per month. Lonex offers business web hosting for $5 a month, with unlimited storage, traffic and FTP. In addition, it provides 500 email accounts, as well as a domain, site builder, Wordpress and Joomla themes for no additional costs.

On the other hand, WebHostingBuzz offers a $25 business e-commerce monthly package, which includes 300 GB disk space, 3000 GB bandwidth, hosting of unlimited domains, and $75 Google Adwords credit. It also provides migration or transfer, SSL certification and a 2Checkout merchant account at no additional cost.

Characteristics of the Best Business Web Hosting

Uptime Percentage

Uptime percentage is crucial to a business website’s daily functions because it determines the online hours of operation for sales and customer browsing. The best business web hosting providers have the highest percentage uptime, which is frequently measured with the number 9.

For example, five nines, or 99.999%, indicate approximately five minutes and fifteen seconds of annual downtime—meaning the server is down, so the business website is not available for visiting. If there are subsequently fewer “nines” then the downtime is higher.

Storage Space and Bandwidth

Many of the best business web hosting providers offer a large range of storage space choices, from 3 GB to 600 GB. A business website with live video feeds, high resolution images and downloadable documents takes up on average about 400 GB.

Bandwidth looks at the data amount used from your online business website. In addition, see if the best business web hosting provides data backup features, also known as restore services, to secure the business website content.


The best business web hosting service providers will offer eCommerce software, which includes features like shopping cart, ecommerce tools, payment processing, database builders and secure servers. As a result, larger business web hosting sites are required to maintain the quantity and quality of a growing business.

Number of Domains and Domain Pointers

The best business web hosting options provide more than one domain, in addition to domain pointers. Unseasoned businesses most likely start their business website hosting plan with one domain but once they have established their growth, they may increase their number of domains. Occasionally, businesses may buy groups of similar or misspelled renditions, and then redirect it to the original domain name.

On another note, businesses can have various sites concurrently functioning under the same hosting package. This method ensures that the best business web hosting company allows more than one domain in one package plan.

There are many business website hosting companies that attempt to lure customers in with features or promotions with no beneficial value, such as:

  • Free $25 credit for Google Adwords
  • Ad credits for MySpace or Facebook
  • "100% Guaranteed Uptime" (unlikely to occur)