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Do you need to reach the largest possible audience for your telecommunications oriented product or service? If so, The Digest can provide you with exactly what you're looking for.

Our History

The Digest has been in continuous publication on the internet since 1993, where it started off as a small e-mail based newsletter. It grew to become the Internet's premiere site for long distance industry news and information on the World Wide Web.

In 1996, we first began accepting advertisements in The Digest, and it has been a commercial success ever since. We are proud not only of the fact that our publication was one of the first on the internet to make a profit, but that our advertisers have enjoyed a great deal of success in their Digest advertising campaigns.

Our Mission

The Digest is aimed mainly at residential and business consumers seeking to shop and compare products and services for all their long distance and telecommunications needs. We also serve industry professionals through our Carrier Solutions and Agent Programs section in addition to bringing the latest news and company press releases to this vast resource.

We have quite a number of telecommunications executives, industry analysts, competitive intelligence gatherers, professional media/journalists and others involved in the telecom industry reading our publication each day. A smaller category of hits we receive are from business opportunity seekers, multi-level marketers and consumers doing research on where to buy long distance service.

Our Policies

Advertisers must meet certain criteria to be featured with The Digest. We require that all businesses advertising in The Digest must be properly licensed in their country, state, county, city, etc. This includes such essentials as business licenses, fictitious name statements (if applicable), resale certificates (if applicable), FCC licenses (if applicable), PUC/PSC state licensing (if applicable), etc.

We absolutely do NOT allow the advertisement of illegal pyramids or other "get rich quick" schemes, nor will we knowingly accept advertisements from any company that has questionable business practices, or who promotes their offers in a questionable manner. We reserve the right to cancel advertising runs of any advertiser at any time which we feel may be engaged in questionable business practices. We will absolutely NOT accept advertising from any company engaged in "spamming" or unsolicited faxing, under any circumstances. This includes the unsolicited distribution of advertisements via e-mail, Usenet newsgroups or via facsimile machine.

The Digest's readers occasionally ask us about the business policies of our advertisers, and we will be happy to forward them information we have on file for you. This service not only helps our readers, but our advertisers as well.

Our Rates

We currently offer several diverse advertisement opportunities throughout The Digest. Advertisers are thus assured that their banner will appear in a prominent position of their choosing. These slots are in high demand, and are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Please contact us for quotes on specific advertising positions.

Advertising Availability

Advertising slots run from the first of the month to the end of each calendar month, though exceptions can be made if necessary, and billed on a pro rated basis. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel ANY advertising contract for ANY reason at ANY time. Advertising fees paid to us, but not used, will be refunded to advertisers on a pro-rated basis. No advertiser will pay for advertising time that they do not use.

Our Company

The Digest has been in business since 1993. We are a proud member of the Northern California Better Business Bureau and the Eureka Chamber of Commerce. Our company has the absolutely highest ethical standards, and we strive to do everything possible to make our advertiser's experience with us a happy and PROFITABLE one for them!

Getting Started

Ready to get started? Just give our sales office a call at 858.454.5900 ex. 10804 and we'll be glad to help get you going. We will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have regarding The Digest advertisement opportunities. Our hours of operation are from 8 a.m. PST to 5 p.m. PST. To contact our Sales Department via e-mail, you can contact us here. We will respond promptly with any questions or comments you may have concerning your advertising requirements.