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FCC: All About the FCC

The FCC is the Federal Communications Commission and they regulate national and international communications in the United States. The FCC was created by the Communications Act of 1934 to ensure that the communications market remains competitive and to handle communications regulation along with a variety of other tasks. The FCC is an independent government agency, overseen by Congress.

Roaming costs

Do you know what roaming is? Anytime you travel abroad, your phone connects to a network in the country you are visiting. This is “roaming”. When you make a call while roaming, you incur charges that are much higher than your local charges.

VoIP Simplified

The limitation with circuit-switched technology is that it requires a significant amount of bandwidth for each call, and it only supports limited types of calls (i.e. telephone to telephone/fax/modem). The hardware needed to run traditional circuit-switched networks is very expensive. The higher cost of the hardware and the inefficiencies of using dedicated bandwidth for individual calls has caused many telephone companies to use parts of the Internet to connect PSTN calls. You may have already received or made calls using VoIP technology without knowing it.

A Cheap Way to Keep in Touch With Loved Ones Abroad

Are you feeling down with the budding distance that has suddenly grown between you and your loved one, as they’re away from you due to the warrants of work or perhaps while studying abroad?

VoIP Problems

A VoIP call is just an exchange of data between IP address — and IP addresses don't have a specific physical location attached to them. So, even if you do call 911 from your VoIP phone, the emergency operator will have no idea where you are or how to contact you.

Advantages of VoIP

With the competition in the VoIP marketplace, one of the best ways to attract new customers is with new, high-quality features. That's the motivation behind the development of

VoIP Phone Service Solutions

It never hurts to have more resources. That's why we recommend you check out the VoIP Phone Service Guide.

It's a little more focused than, sticking to just VoIP services, thank you very much. That said, it has:

Politics Enter The Digital Age

President Obama, Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts and countless other 2010 candidates used social media such as tweeter and facebook to reach their potential voters. They used twitter to gather crowds at local events and facebook to build their community of supporters.

FCC Uncovers Mystery Fees inside Verizon Wireless bills, up to $90 Million in Refunds Expected

Over 15 Million customers will get money back from Verizon! This report seems farfetched, so we dug into the evidence. Our story comes from two reliable sources, an October 3rd, 2010 Verizon Press Release, and an October 3rd, 2010 FCC Press Release.

Virtual Telephone Numbers - Improve your communication system

Virtual telephone numbers are secondary numbers associated with the primary numbers provided through a hosted PBX system. Virtual phone numbers do not cost as much as the conventional numbers and is sure to improve your communication system.