“Enjoy worldwide FREE Mobile Calls” with Vopium WiFi

As the mobile VoIP companies aggressively compete with each other in offering the lowest possible rates, Vopium the new Danish company comes up with its latest release of WiFi that allows two Vopium WiFi users to call for free. Looking at this upcoming news from Vopium, we wouldn’t say this is a unique offering for mobile VoIP market, but surely enough it is quite an incentive for Vopium users interested in making VoIP calls via their WiFi enabled mobile phones, absolutely free of charge. With zero local and roaming charges, this is an ideal way to revolutionize the way of making mobile calls. Whenever you are connected to WiFi, get connected with other Vopium WiFi users and enjoy free calls anytime, anywhere in the world without paying any roaming, local or call-set charges. This means, no matter how far away you are, the distances can be made less distant with Vopium. By automatically detecting if you are connected to WiFi, Vopium routes your international calls and calls to national fixed line via Vopium WiFi whereas your calls to national mobiles are routed via your mobile operator. However there are situations when you are not connected to WiFi, in that case Vopium routes your calls as a local call to Vopium owned gateway and via premium global carriers to the dialed number, providing you with lowest possible rates as always. Vopium automatically detects if other Vopium WiFi users are online and routes the call directly for free. If they are not online or if you are calling a non-Vopium user, Vopium charges you the standard Vopium call rates, enabling you to save upto 50-90% on international calling. If you already have Vopium, all you need to is live-update Vopium to get Vopium Wifi (either from your phone or by logging in to Vopium.com and then get Vopium again). If you are not already registered, download Vopium and enjoy talking big time and saving more. Apart from this, Vopium also offers 30 minutes and 100 SMS free trial to any destination in the world. Vopium WiFi is in its beta version, but is considered to be the most advanced mobile VoIP application in the market, intelligently providing users with best quality at the lowest cost. Vopium currently works on WiFi enabled handsets supporting Symbian and Windows Mobile. Windows mobile users should first download Vopium and then Vopium WiFi.

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