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Most Teens Still Prefer Landline Phones

According to Pew Internet & American Life Project, 39% of teens use landline phones versus 35% of teens on cell phones to stay in touch with friends on an everyday basis.

Lost Cell Phone Could Cost You Dearly

Most people know if they lose their wallet or purse to immediately call their bank and credit card companies to protect themselves from liability of unwanted charges. But what about your cell phone? Taking the time to find it could be costing you big with every passing minute.

According to Informa Report, 50 Cellular Subcriptions per 100 People

There are now approximately 3.3 billion active mobile phone connections worldwide, enough to cover half the global population, according to new data from Informa Telecoms and Media. Wireless subscriptions have increased 18% in the past year, from 2.8 billion in late 2006, as a growing number of people buy handsets in emerging markets like India and China. The Indian market alone is expected to achieve penetration of over 40% within the next few years, up from just 13% at the beginning of 2007.

Another Copper Thievery Outage

Copper thievery continues to become an increasing problem in the U.S., with outages now being reported on at least a weekly basis. It seems that the problem has now spread to the plumbing industry as well.

AT&T Uverse Suffers Nationwide Outage

AT&T is still unsure of what caused a nationwide meltdown of its digital television service for several hours on Sunday. The outage affected an estimated 100,000 customers across 33 markets.

AT&T Adds New International Plan

AT&T introduces new international calling plan for its residential wireline customers. AT&T Worldwide Calling 3000 gives subscribers 3,000 minutes of international long distance calls to 164 countries for $20 a month.

VoIP Carrier Raises $11 Million

A Montreal startup that lets people make free or cheap long-distance calls from any phone has secured $11 million U.S. to expand operations worldwide. Mobivox, which offers free calling between users in 40 countries, will use the money to open an office in China, where the service is popular.


The Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) has issued an order assessing $700,000 in civil penalties against Ultimate Medium Communications Corporation (UMCC) for 70 violations in which the company made unauthorized telephone service changes to Iowa customers, known as slamming and cramming. The Board assessed the maximum allowable penalty under Iowa law, which is $10,000 per violation. This ruling also prohibits all telecommunications service providers in Iowa from billing UMCC charges to Iowa customers and denies the company local exchange access services in Iowa.

Kevin Anderson

Kevin E Anderson was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics and his personal physician who responded to an emergency call at his estate in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico Saturday afternoon. After several attempts at resuscitation, EMTs were unable to revive him. Kevin had reportedly been walking from his home to the swimming pool when he stated to his wife Laurel that he did not "feel right". After resting on a nearby bench, Kevin lapsed into unconsciousness, and never recovered. His physician stated that Anderson most likely suffered a massive heart attack, which was likely the result of numerous health problems Kevin had battled in recent years, among them diabetes and high blood pressure. Kevin's health problems largely began during a battle against testicular cancer and complications from chemotherapy in 1992. He was 56 years old.

Teleblend Apologizes for Lying

The VoIP provider suffers crippling network outage, then blames problems on underlying carrier Global Crossing. It turns out that GC had nothing to do with the outage, and Teleblend is forced to issue an apology.