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AT&T Buys-Out Smartlink

SmarTalk TeleServices, Inc. (Nasdaq: SMTK) announced today that it has signed a definitive agreement to sell substantially all of its assets to AT&T (NYSE: T) for up to $192.5 million in cash, subject to downward adjustment at closing.

GTC Offers Free Calling Cards

Costa Mesa, CA, Jan 19, 1999 (DLD Digest) - GTC Telecom (OTC BB: GTCC) recently announced its plan to offer long distance calling cards for sale over the Internet.


Englewood, CO, Sept 10, 1998 (DLD Digest) - Strengthening its role as the nation's leading integrated communications provider (ICP), ICG Netcom today launched its Internet Protocol (IP) Long Distance service in 31 cities around the country, offering a 5.9 cents per minute rate to customers.

New Equity Plan Offered

Telcorp Ltd. and Communication Management Services are proud to announce their Agent Equity Program. Under the Agent Equity Program, Agents will receive a significant portion of the enhanced value of their bases. The program kicked off at the O.P.A.A.


Jackson, MI, June 8, 1998 (DLD Digest) - WorldCom, Inc., (Nasdaq: WCOM) announced this week it has forged new territory as the first of the major interexchange carriers to offer nationwide local telephone service for resale by carriers and resellers.

Undersea Cable Will Lower Rates

Bermuda, Dec.

TWT Delisted From Nasdaq

Boca Raton, FL, Sept 26, 1997 (DLD Digest) -- Total World Telecommunications, Inc. (the "Company") announced today that it has been advised by The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.


Kansas City, MO, April 4, 1997 (DLD Digest) -- Rare gold-plated dimes will be dropped today into U.S. currency circulation, sparking a modern-day Gold Rush. On Thursday, April 3, 1,000 24 karat gold-plated dimes will be placed in circulation across the country.

Destiny's Offices Raided by Police

Oakland, CA, Feb. 28, 1997 (DLD Digest) -- According to KRON-TV, an NBC-TV Network affiliate in San Francisco, CA, the offices of Destiny Telecomm have been raided by Oakland Police armed with search warrants.

Destiny Telecom Offers Refunds

Washington, D.C., August 22, 1996 (DLD DIGEST) -- Destiny Telecom International, Inc., has entered into an Assurance of Voluntary Compliance with the Oregon Attorney General's Office.