Advantages of VoIP

VoIP Problems

We pride ourselves on presenting a balanced view. So, an article on the problems of VOIP and solutions.

VoIP Problems

Advantages and benefits of VoIP:

  • VoIP saves you money
  • VoIP has great features
  • VoIP gets you more phone numbers
  • VoIP gets you phone numbers outside your area code
  • VoIP is mobile
  • High competition means better deals and lower prices
  • VoIP piggybacks on your high speed internet

VoIP helps you save money

If you make phone calls, you will save money with VoIP. VoIP saves money on:

  • Local calls
  • Long distance calls
  • International calls
  • Calls with your business

The amount you save depends on how you use your phone, of course. But VoIP does save you money.

Interested in how VoIP saves money? Check out our VoIP simplified page to the details.

VoIP has great features

With traditional telephone companies, new features are hard to get and harder to get to work. With VoIP, new features are easy to get and easier to use!

With the competition in the VoIP marketplace, one of the best ways to attract new customers is with new, high-quality features. That's the motivation behind the development of

Outlook-Address Book synchronization technology and it's the motivation behind the development of Vocalocity's customer service interface.

Interested in more of the features that VoIP offers? See our complete VoIP features list.

VoIP gets you more phone numbers

Do you need to keep a phone number or get a new phone number? No problem.

VoIP makes getting a vanity number, a toll-free number, or another virtual number easy. You can also keep your old number when you switch to VoIP.

There is some important background that you should be aware of before you go around switching your phone numbers, though. We have articles explaining toll-free numbers, virtual numbers, and porting your number.

VoIP gets you phone numbers outside your area code

You can get a local number in any area code you want with VoIP. Local numbers in different locations mean that your customers or relatives can call you locally and not incur a charge. It's a small thing to do but sometimes it can make all the difference.

VoIP is mobile

Your phone number and your phone aren't tied to your exact location with VoIP. Theoretically, you can take your VoIP phone anywhere in the world and have it work with a high-speed Internet connection.

(We can't speak for every VoIP provider here. But it should work for most of them).

High competition means better deals and lower prices

VoIP providers are in constant competition with each other and traditional telecommunications companies.

This means that VoIP providers will offer steep discounts and frequent promotions to attract new customers and retain current customers. It also means that you can benefit from the large amount of competition: you can throw your weight around to get the best deal possible.

VoIP piggybacks on your High Speed Internet

If you're visiting this page, you probably already have a high speed Internet connection.

Why should you pay $40+ as a part of a 'bundle' when you could pay $20 or less? $20 a month for phone service is $20 a month in savings. That's $240 a year. It's certainly nothing to sneeze at.

We recommend that you check your Internet connection speed first, though. Internet connection speed is one of most important factors in determining VoIP call quality.

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