Another One Bites the Dust

Wireless MVNO AMPD Wireless has won a temporary reprieve from underlying carrier Verizon. The company's luck is scheduled to run out next week though, as the company's customers will lost service on July 31st.

The MVNO originally filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection on June 21st. Despite ongoing efforts, they have yet to find a buyer willing to take over their customer base. Any possible sale is complicated by the fact that the company has lost money since its inception. The company's ongoing losses have been largely attributed to the fact that it focused its marketing efforts on young wireless users, who had a larger than average number of unpaid wireless bills.

Customers of AMPD were sent text messages earlier this week, advising them that all service may be discontinued as of Tuesday morning. In a last minute reprieve, Verizon has agreed to give the MVNO until July 31st before its service is terminated. AMPD reportedly owes the carrier approximately $54 million.

Reached for comment on Wednesday, company representatives stated that service may indeed be discontinued next week, and that they have stopped taking any new orders for their wireless plans. AMPD has replaced its usual marketing hype on its homepage with a FAQ for current customers at From reading the FAQ, it seems all but a foregone conclusion that no last minute buyer for the company's customer base is likely to be found and that the company will be out of business as of next week.

Documents covering the company's bankruptcy proceeding is available at