Bigfoot Offers Free E-mail Forwarding

New York, NY, June 20, 1996 (DLD DIGEST) -- No matter how often e-mail users change Internet service providers or jobs, their electronic correspondence now can follow them wherever they go: Bigfoot, the fastest growing global e-mail directory on the Internet, today introduced "Bigfoot For Life," a free service that allows e-mail users to choose a permanent e-mail address to which all of their messages can be forwarded.

By registering at The Bigfoot Directory, which is located on the World Wide Web at, users can select a permanent Bigfoot e-mail address. For example, a CompuServe user whose present address is 4538,, can choose instead one easy-to-remember address such as

In the registration process, the user identifies the single destination for all e-mail sent to his or her Bigfoot account; in this example the user could indicate that all mail sent to should be forwarded automatically to his CompuServe account. On completion of registration, users receive a password and complete instructions on how to use the free service, including the simple step of changing the Bigfoot e-mail destination.

Once they've signed up, users can instruct the service to forward messages from one or all of their active e-mail accounts, whether corporate network or commercial service, to their most active e-mail address. Regardless of any change of address afterwards, Bigfoot for Life subscribers will enjoy the convenience of having their e-mail automatically follow them. Friends, business associates and other online correspondents may never again have the hassle of working with cumbersome multiple e-mail addresses and changes; it always will be

"This is the last e-mail address you will ever need. No matter who you are or where you go in life, your e-mail will now follow you courtesy of Bigfoot For Life," said Leonard Barshack co-founder of The Bigfoot Directory, Inc. "It's the latest enhancement we offer to make e-mail a truly functional and effective mode of communication."

Bigfoot is tackling issues that hamper e-mail functionality -- message management, privacy and locating published addresses -- with The Bigfoot Directory, which, in addition to Bigfoot for Life universal address service, features international capabilities such as registration and searching in any of eight major languages. According to Morgan Stanley, e-mail is the primary function of the Internet, with users currently estimated at 60 million and expected to more than triple to 200 million by the year 2000.

The Bigfoot Directory, located at, is a comprehensive, international online directory of e-mail addresses for individuals located throughout the world. Structured in an efficient format, with a user-friendly interface, Bigfoot provides users with e-mail addresses as well as phone numbers, fax numbers, previous e-mail addresses and mailing addresses for each individual listed within the directory.

Bigfoot was founded by Leonard Barshack and Jim Hoffman in 1995 to create a global and comprehensive e-mail directory for the online community. Bigfoot is the fastest growing e-mail database on the Internet and the largest provider of international e-mail addresses. Growing at a rate of more than 1 million new entries per month, Bigfoot currently includes more than 100 million entries from individuals throughout the world. Bigfoot has offices in New York and London.