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Until the invention of telephone, every method of communication, whether it were the postcards or the letters, used to take a lot of time. Though at that time telegram also existed but it was not a very reliable method of sending the messages. As they say 'necessity is the mother of invention', hence, very soon Alexander graham bell come up with the concept of telephone. But as the time changed so did the technology and the needs of people which are why again an acute need of more efficient communication channel was felt. Thus in later half of the last century there emerged some very ground breaking methods of communication. These were the Internet and the mobile phones. While mobile phones became a rage instantly, Internet took a little more time to get into the groove. E-mails, a method or way of communication which was directly dependent on the Internet, went on to become a hit means of communicating. But there was one more technology that got lost amidst all the hype and noise. It was VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, a unique method by which the user of this facility can make free calls overseas. This ground-breaking method of communicating which is yet unknown to most of the people has recently came into the spotlight, owing to the demand of a more cheaper means of communicating. Yes, now making free calls is possible as many websites have launched the free calling service for internet users. A user can call worldwide without worrying about the long phone bills and costly calling rates. Being a regular internet user I usually opt for calling over the internet as it offers me to call for free to distant friends. I do have many close friends who have shifted to other countries for studying, for job and at there brother's place to enjoy their holidays. Now obviously, though I have a great earning from my job, I do think while ringing up my friend from my mobile wondering of long bills at the end of the month. But, But, But!!! Thanks to the internet world. I just put on my head phones and enjoy discussing daily routine with all friends without headache of bills. Many sites offer free calling service. We just need to install their free downloadable software, commonly known as softphone, and register an account to make free calls. Thus it is quite obvious why most of the people are joining the membership of these sites. I also get many mails that says “Change the way you communicate” and offer free internet calls worldwide. This is beneficial for students or the workers who live abroad and want to call back home to talk to parents, friends and loved ones. Thus that's why free calling or making free calls have now become an simple and easy way to make local or international calls over the internet.

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