A Cheap Way to Keep in Touch With Loved Ones Abroad

Are you feeling down with the budding distance that has suddenly grown between you and your loved one, as they’re away from you due to the warrants of work or perhaps while studying abroad? Now there is no need to worry because as the telecommunications technology advanced further, it has brought forth a very cheap way to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones while traveling, no matter what part of the globe you’re currently residing in. Aside from the usual call cards, there’s also a cheaper alternative to keeping in touch with your loved ones abroad. Known as a prepaid call service, this medium offers a more affordable means of communication, domestically and internationally, while preserving all the high quality of communication that you want and deserve. It allows its users to purchase talk time very cheaply in order to avail of international long distance phone calls and working automatically with your current carrier, no matter if it’s a landline phone or a cell phone. The major advantage of prepaid call services is their very affordable domestic and international rates. For instance, they let you make a long distance call within the USA for as low as .06¢ per minute. You can even make international call to anywhere in the world for as little as 2¢ per minute. Compare these rates to what you are currently paying for and you’ll see the big difference. In fact, you could be one among the numerous prepaid call card users who report savings of up to 95% on long distance phone fees. This is in part to their single minute billing feature, unlike the prepaid cards that rounds off to the nearest 3 minute increment. In order to make a cheap international long distance call, the first thing you have to do is dial a local access number, or use the toll-free access number that they provide. Once prompted, you will then dial the recipient’s number and the service will automatically connect your call. You will also be treated to a variety of benefits, such as the Pinless Dialing which eliminates the need to dial a pin every time you try to make a call. What’s even better is that this can be availed via the Internet, so say goodbye to rushing to the local stores in order to purchase prepaid call cards when you run out of talk-time. With the cheap per minute rates and single minute billing that the service features, you will be able to increase your talk time with your loved ones dramatically, so there’s no need to for a hurried conversation in the hopes of maximizing the call time. All in all, this prepaid international long distance service sets you free from costly call rates, does not have contracts that puts you on a short leash, no hidden fees that deceive you, and provides convenient recharge for a hassle free, affordable, and high quality communication with your loved ones abroad.

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