Destiny's Offices Raided by Police

Oakland, CA, Feb. 28, 1997 (DLD Digest) -- According to KRON-TV, an NBC-TV Network affiliate in San Francisco, CA, the offices of Destiny Telecomm have been raided by Oakland Police armed with search warrants. An on-air story appeared Thursday night, and KRON's Homepage carries the following headline:

Telemarket Bust

Oakland police break up an alleged pyramid scheme that may have bilked hundreds of trusting Californians.

Following a long investigation, officers today served a search warrant on a local firm called Destiny Telecomm International.

The news report stated that a joint task force representing the District Attorneys of Alameda and Monterey Counties along with Oakland Police officers, raided the headquarters of Destiny on Thursday armed with criminal search warrants. It is unknown if any criminal arrests were made.

According to the report, several boxes of evidence were removed from Destiny's corporate office, as well as from a wharehouse about a block away from the main building, in a search that lasted the entire day.

The reason for the raid stems from allegations made by the Oakland District Attorney that Destiny is an "illegal endless chain scheme, otherwise known as pyramid sales", said KRON-TV reporter Vic Lee.

In addition to the enforcement actions taken by the joint task force, the California Office of the Attorney General has also filed a civil complaint against the company, claiming "misleading advertising" and "unfair business practices."

Destiny spokesman Randy Jeffers denies all allegations of wrongdoing.

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