Free Mobile VoIP Calls Anywhere With Jaxtr

It’s becoming well known that VoIP is the best way to make and receive cheap phone calls. Whether domestic or international, it saves more than 60% over traditional phone calls and in many cases it is even free. Though mobile VoIP applications are on the rise, it’s often not very convenient to use because of software downloads and registration requirements. However, one company, Jaxtr, Inc., offers a way to make free inbound VoIP calls from mobile phones easy. To make it work, go to and click on the “sign up free” button. It will ask for your name, screen name, password, email address and age. Next click the “Terms of Service” link. Once you review the terms click the ”Signup” button and the account is ready to add friends and invite them to call you for free. The invitation instructs friends to click the link to your jaxtr homepage where they can click the “call me” button or a few other options that even includes a “text me” button. There are many options available to personalize the jaxtr service. From your homepage you can change your settings and manage your account. Features are available to send inbound calls to voicemail or even forward them to another number. Options are also available to manage who you accept calls from through PrivacySheild and you can set privacy controls for each individual contact. To get the word out on the free jaxtr service, users can customize widgets and post them on social networking, blogging and classified ad sites. It’s also advisable to insert a link to your jaxtr homepage in your email signatures. Some limitations to be aware of using jaxtr is the service provider currently limits users to 100 “jax” per month for the free calling. Depending on the type of calls made, different amounts of jax minutes are used so staying in touch with all of your fiends and family could be a challenge. There is one way to increase your monthly jax – and that is by referring other users to the service. Each user you recruit will add 20 jax minutes to your account for the month and there are talks to allow users to purchase additional minutes sometime.