GTC Offers Free Calling Cards

Costa Mesa, CA, Jan 19, 1999 (DLD Digest) - GTC Telecom (OTC BB: GTCC) recently announced its plan to offer long distance calling cards for sale over the Internet.

To demonstrate GTC Telecom's quality service and ability to deliver long distance services, the company Tuesday announced that it will issue free long distance calling cards to the first 10,000 people that e-mail a request for a card to GTC.

Commenting on the recent increase of interest in GTC Telecom, Eric Clemons, GTC Telecom's chief operating officer stated, "GTC's core business is in several exciting markets, including a strong product offering on the Internet as well as telecommunications. This combination of telecommunications and the Internet is extremely attractive right now. Like IMALL (NASDAQ:IMAL), who has recently offered a 9-cent per minute unassisted state to state phone rate through AT&T, GTC Telecom announced last week that we would offer our customers an even lower rate of 5.9 cents per minute in selected states as well as calling cards over the Internet and our response was phenomenal."

Clemons continued, "Not only does our business cross over to many exciting segments, we can actually combine them into an extremely attractive product bundle. Our telecommunications program is exciting because we can offer rates lower than presently offered by companies like AT&T (NYSE:T). Our recent plan to launch a long distance calling card Web site has received tremendous response from the consumer because, like (NASDAQ:AMZN), IMALL and Skymall (NASDAQ:SKYM), all who sell product directly over the Internet, the savings is passed on directly to the consumer."

To request a calling card, go to GTC Telecom's Web site at or e-mail the company directly at GTC Telecom will mail the calling cards out to these 10,000 people via the U.S. Postal Service. To sign up for long distance phone service and/or receive more information, access GTC Telecom's Web site at

GTC Telecom also has an array of Internet services, including its upcoming online calling card center, that is scheduled to be launched on Feb. 15, 1999.

Founded in 1997, GTC Telecom is an interexchange carrier, providing long distance service to small and medium sized businesses as well as residential customers throughout the United States. Currently, GTC believes that they have the lowest long distance rates nationwide. GTC's long distance service offerings include outbound service, inbound toll-free 800 service, and dedicated private line services for data.

GTC's position as an interexchange carrier gives the company the ability to function as a large telecom company but alleviates the overhead, thus allowing GTC to have rates lower than many of their competitors. Visit GTC's Web site at

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