Guaranteed Cheapest VoIP

Want to buy or sell the absolute cheapest VoIP service available "guaranteed"? We uncover "hidden" offers that most people will never hear about. Details on their agent programs listed as well.

We ran across a few VoIP offers this past week that may or may not turn out to be too good to be true in the long run. For the moment though, they most certainly knock the socks off of anything offered by Vonage, 8x8 or any other VoIP provider you've likely heard of. While we certainly can't vouch for these companies long-term financial stability, it is highly unlikely that any of them will ever lose as much money as Vonage continues to do on a daily basis.

We found the following offers on "secret" webpages that are not found linked to from the homepages either respective company. An intricate knowledge of Google can go a long way in helping to find these special offers though. For those of you interested in being able to sell these services to your customers, contact information is available.


The first offer is from JoiPhone, which seems to be run by the same company that once marketed cut-rate Joi Internet dial-up service. Joi sold off its dial-up base in 2005 to Earthlink. Its new VoIP service has only been up-and-running for a few months, and is mainly being marketed to former JOI Internet customers at the moment. They also have an affiliate/agent program available through Commission Junction. The company's cheapest residential service is available at $4.95 per month, which includes all of the usual whiz-bang features available from most VoIP providers (i.e. Caller ID, call waiting, forwarding, voicemail, etc.) plus 100 minutes of long distance. Local calls are free, and additional long distance minutes are 2 cents. Users must pay the $4.95 a year in advance though, and the price jumps to $9.95 per month thereafter. Still, a great deal. One nice thing about paying a year in advance is the fact that they are unable to slap-on additional "service charges" or even legal taxes until your term commitment is over, which seems a bit risky on their part, considering the fluid state of VoIP tax laws. You can find more info at


It's tough to get much cheaper than free. For those of you who own your own ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) or the Asterisk Open Source PBX system (you can easily build one yourself with a spare computer and this FREE software) there is a trial offer from VoicePulse that will get you at least 400 minutes of phone calls for free, probably even more if you take advantage of the free offer more than once! If you dig through Google long enough, you'll find their "hidden" free offer page at The company's regular service is not the greatest, but certainly much better than you can get from Vonage. All (wholesale) service is sold on a prepaid basis. You'll pay a flat $11 per month, per phone number. Outbound domestic rates vary, but are as low as half a cent per minute. International rates are updated in REAL TIME, and utilize least cost routing, which will only work if you are using an Asterisk system. All you really need is a VoIP phone and a spare PC to set one of these systems up and receive wholesale pricing, so it makes sense for even the smallest of offices with broadband connectivity. VoicePulse does not have an agent program that we are aware of.


If all else fails, you can always try VOIP.COM's lowest price guarantee. This is another one of those "unadvertised specials" that you can only find if you dig hard enough. The premise of the guarantee is they they will match or beat any offer from any competing VoIP provider for the same service they provide. The company offers unlimited VoIP local and long distance service for approximately $12.60 per month. This also includes all of the free bells and whistles you would find with Vonage, 8x8, etc. It's roughly half the price that Vonage charges for what is essentially the same, exact service. If you can find a better deal elsewhere though, they will apparently match it. More details are available at VOIP.COM also offers an agent/affiliate program. To sign-up, just point your browser to

If any of our readers know of even cheaper VoIP services, please send them our way. We will be compiling a list of the best offers we find later this month.