Hop-On PDA Phone for Handheld Casino Gaming Released

Becoming the world’s first handheld casino, Hop-On, Inc. introduced the GSM/CDMA Dual Mode PDA 2001 model late last month. Complete with GPS capability, the new PDA phone for AT&T and Verizon Network, offers the latest technology at an affordable price. The sleek, modern design of the Model 2001 boasts a full color touch screen, 3.0 mega pixels camera for pictures and video recording, and gaming capabilities. The PDA is capable of playing interactive casino games to become the first handheld slot machine, bingo, video poker or blackjack device. The 2001 PDA is a cost-effective solution for consumers who want the latest in GPS technology along with a Wi-Fi enabled phone using Windows Mobile 6. Users can access email, calendar and contacts while they’re on the go with the 2001 Model. Additionally, users can also remain productive with the ability to access and work within Microsoft Word Mobile files, Microsoft Excel Mobile charts, and for viewing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. The new PDA 2001 Model brings cutting-edge functionality at a fraction of the cost of similar plans. Hop-On, Inc. made a name for itself producing the world’s first disposable cell phone. The company has since focused on expanding into the phone services market developing software allowing users to stream live interactive feeds from legal jurisdictions to play poker, blackjack and other casino games.