How to Make International Calls Using Your Landline or Mobile Phone

You’re probably wondering how to make an international phone call and communicate with your loved ones abroad. But before you make your first international call, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind in order to successfully connect the call. Here are the steps on how to call your loved ones from anywhere in the world using your landline or mobile phone:

  1. Find out the International Call Prefix. In order to make an international call, you must first know the international calling prefix for the country that you will be calling from. This will let you dial outside of the country where you will be placing the call. Each country has a designated calling prefix, for example, the USA’s International Calling Prefix is “011”. These are the first digits that you will have to enter prior to making the call.
  2. The next digits will be the country code of the country to which you will be calling. The country code may range from 1 to 3 digits, and depends when you’re calling a regular fixed phone, or a cellular phone. Some countries that are larger can have more than a single country code.
  3. Next up, the area code, or city code. The area code narrows your call down to the specific parts of the country where you will be calling, and may range from 1 to 6 digits.
  4. Finally, you will have to dial the local phone number of the person you will be calling, and you’ll be connected with his/her mobile in just four easy steps!

To sum it all up: Step 1: Dial the International Call Prefix Step 2: Dial the Country Code Step 3: Dial the City Code (area code) Step 4: Dial the Local Number (a residential, business, or cell phone number) Considering you will be calling from your home in Georgia, USA, to your relative living in the city of London, United Kingdom, your dialing sequence will look like this: 011+44+20+(local number). Congratulations! Now you can make an international call from any country that you’re living in. Now in order to make a cheap international call, consider using an international call service that features a single minute billing, unlike the cheap calling cards that round off to the nearest 3-minute increment and has no additional taxes or monthly fees to pay.

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