Englewood, CO, Sept 10, 1998 (DLD Digest) - Strengthening its role as the nation's leading integrated communications provider (ICP), ICG Netcom today launched its Internet Protocol (IP) Long Distance service in 31 cities around the country, offering a 5.9 cents per minute rate to customers.

ICG Netcom's launch of IP Long Distance (IPLD) service marks the first stage in a phased rollout of the company's new IP Telephony service, which will include 166 cities by the end of 1998 -- covering approximately 90 percent of the long distance traffic in the United States. This deployment will establish ICG Netcom as the largest IP Telephony provider by the end of the year. Persons interested in signing up for the service or gaining more information on IP Telephony can reach ICG Netcom at www.icgcomm.com or www.netcom.com/offer/ipld.

"With IP Telephony, we hold the future of long distance in our hands,'' said J. Shelby Bryan, president and CEO of ICG. "The convergence of voice and data has forever changed the landscape of telecommunications, both from a cost and voice quality perspective, and ICG Netcom is leading the industry in IP Telephony. For our customers, IP Telephony is a reality. The future is now.

ICG's acquisition of NETCOM On-Line Communication Services (Netcom), one of the nation's largest Internet Service Providers (ISP), has enabled it to lead the industry in offering high-quality IP telephony and data services.

The new IP Telephony offering will enable customers to make voice and facsimile calls. The network, which was tested in San Jose, Denver and Irvine, uses state-of-the-art gateways developed by Cisco Systems that produce the highest quality voice transmissions in the industry today.

How IPLD Works

Customers must have Internet access to open an account and must register any phone or fax numbers they plan to use with the service. The account is opened with a credit card, enabling the customer to use the service at-will with no set-up or minimum usage fees. ICG Netcom's IP Long Distance service is priced at 5.9 cents per minute for customers who make calls that originate and terminate on ICG Netcom's IP network. Calls made that terminate outside of ICG's network will be priced at 8.9 cents per minute. Customers can use the IP service to access all domestic long distance phone and facsimile numbers. International calling capability is planned for later this year.

Cities included in today's launch are:

  • Colorado -- Aurora, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Denver and Englewood
  • California -- Alameda, Berkeley, Canoga Park, Corona, Cupertino, Del Mar, Hayward, Irvine, La Puente, Los Angeles, Oakland, Ontario, Palo Alto, Pasadena, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Rosa, Sunnyvale and Thousand Oaks
  • Ohio Valley -- Akron, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton

ICG Netcom is a new breed of telecommunications company, known as an integrated communications provider (ICP), offering residential and business customers one-stop voice and data solutions, including local, long distance, high-speed Internet and data products and services, as well as innovative technologies such as Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).