Intro to Asterisk

Asterisk was created back in 1999 by Digium Inc’s Mark Spencer as an open source PBX telphony applications system. As the most inexpensive telephone system available, Asterisk is free and operates on low cost Linux servers and other options on a range of various hardware. For businesses looking for cost-effective solutions to meet the standards of today’s advanced business telephone systems, Asterisk can provide just that. Analysts estimate savings in excess of 50% for businesses switching to Asterisk from their traditional telephony sytems. The main reason for this is there are no long term vendor contracts to lock into and the this open-source software can run on off-the-shelf computers or servers. Additionally, programmers familiar with Linux can customize the business phone system with relatively little trouble. In the event there are problems in the set-up process, Digium provides technical support to get the system up and running as well as complete PBX solutions along with Asterisk add-in cards. However, in some situations a third-party support consultant may be necessary if a company plans to slowly upgrade its system rather than replace the old PBX system all at the same time.