Lost Cell Phone Could Cost You Dearly

Most people know if they lose their wallet or purse to immediately call their bank and credit card companies to protect themselves from liability of unwanted charges. But what about your cell phone? Taking the time to find it could be costing you big with every passing minute. Reports are surfacing of new scams to obtain and steal cell phone minutes. As recently reported on NBC 5 News in Dallas, an airline passenger lost his cell phone on a flight but was later reassured when he received a call from someone claiming to be an American Airlines lost and found representative. He thought his phone had been safely recovered and there was no further reason for concern. It turns out the call was bogus and thieves were busy downloading items such as ring tones as fast as they could. That fake phone call bought enough time for nearly $8,000 in charges to rack up before the scheme was discovered and the cellular service provider was notified of the stolen phone. In most cases, the customer is held liable for all charges incurred prior to the cell phone being reported lost or stolen. Your wireless provider’s cell phone service agreement will disclose policies and liabilities for unauthorized usage in greater detail. You’re safest bet; protect yourself by notifying your wireless provider immediately if you suspect your cell phone has been lost or stolen. It will ease the worry and potentially save you unwanted charges and hassles.

About the Author: 
Randy Swisher Editor, The Digest