Arcata, CA, May 6, 1999 (DLD Digest) - It has been an extremely eventful past two weeks for myself and for Discount Long Distance Digest.

First of all, we have finally made the transition to our new web server. After leaving the shoddy hosting services of Verio, Inc., we have completed migration of our pages to a brand new server, which is located in our own offices. The Digest now resides on a dedicated LINUX server using Apache to dish-out our web pages. We spared no expense in buying the best components we could lay our hands on, and the result is that our site is running faster and smoother than ever.

We still have a few kinks to work out with certain cgi applications (some fill-out forms on our site are still not working), but the site is now largely "back to normal". Our pages should load faster than ever before. In addition, we now have much more control over how our site and its server are maintained, since it now resides directly behind my desk! We have a full time network and system administrator on-call, just in case anything goes wrong. However, our T-1 feed has not suffered a service disruption in over a year now, and we are pretty confident that our site will not suffer the types of problems we experienced back when we used Verio as our hosting company.

In other news, my appearance at last week's Agent Trade Fair was a real blast. There were quite a few complications, however. It seems that United Airlines lost my luggage (twice). I also got bumped from one flight, and another was cancelled due to bad weather. This resulted in my arriving to the conference two days later than I was scheduled to. Fortunately, I arrived (barely) in time for my scheduled presentation on Tuesday morning.

Though my speech was lost in a Hertz rental car (along with my cellphone and address book, which they never returned!), I muddled through my presentation as best as possible. Best of all, I got to meet a lot of great people, whom I have conversed with via phone and e-mail for many years.

Though I can't possibly list everyone I talked to at the show, there were a few people who I would like to mention. Tops among them was meeting DeVaux McLean from ProDial Communications. DeVaux has been a great friend and advisor over the years, and it was a great pleasure to finally shake hands with him. Also among the notables was Ted Schuman from U S Telebrokers, Jill Collins, Marla Ellerman, Khali Henderson and Shannon McCormack from Phone+ Magazine and the Telecom Agents Group, Jeff Holley from ECG and Carl Churchill from Telegroup. Everyone at the show made me feel extremely welcomed. I only wish that I had been able to arrive earlier, so that I could have met more of the people at the show.

Speaking of the show, another notable show-up was Dan Baldwin from the One Plus Agent's Association. Dan has written a very good overview of the show, including an interesting review of my own speech. You can check out the article directly at http://www.opaa2.org/vegasreview1.html.

Speaking of OPAA and Dan Baldwin... Both Dan and I have been fielding many phone calls and e-mails this past week concerning a reseller named Quantum Link. It seems that this Las Vegas, NV, based company has a marketing program which bares a striking resemblance to that of NOS Communications, aka: ANI. We have been told that Quantum Link is possibly none other than NOS/ANI itself, operating under a new name. We have not been able to confirm this yet, however. Dan has obtained a copy of the company's tariff, which he is making available via his website. For more info, check out the direct URL at http://www.opaa2.org/qltariffinfo.html.

Well, just when I thought I was safe at home, I ended up getting into a serious vehicular accident earlier this week. That is basically what prevented The Digest from being updated until today. Nothing life-threatening, just some bumps and bruises, but we will probably not be back to our full publishing schedule until next Monday. I would like to apologize to those of you who have left e-mails and voicemails this past week. I will try to return them ASAP.

So, what else is new? We will also be adding a new Real Audio and Real Video server to The Digest, which should let us publish some interesting video and audio content. More info will be published in the following weeks regarding these services. We have also signed an agreement with Hello-Direct, which will allow us to publish additional articles on the long distance industry via their website. Look for an announcement in the near future concerning the new content which is becoming available.

We should have more new announcements in the coming weeks. Thanks for your continued support of The Digest.

About the Author: 
William van Hefner was the editor-in-chief of TheDigest.com