New Equity Plan Offered

Telcorp Ltd. and Communication Management Services are proud to announce their Agent Equity Program. Under the Agent Equity Program, Agents will receive a significant portion of the enhanced value of their bases. The program kicked off at the O.P.A.A. show in San Diego on July 14th and has already gotten off to a fast start with several prominent agencies agreeing to join the program. Communication Management Services and Telcorp Ltd. had previously announced that Premier Telemanagement Corporation of Lititz, Pennsylvania had agreed to become a managing principal in the Telcorp/CMS Agent Equity Program. Like CMS, Premier is one of the nation's most respected independent Agents and has been providing value-added telecommunications services to accounts all over the nation for over seven (7) years. Premier will market the Telcorp/CMS Agent Equity Program and assist with Agent management. One of the unique attributes of the Program will be the active representation in day to day management by Agents. Telcorp Ltd. has been a telecommunications reseller for over eight years offering voice, data and other services throughout the United States. According to Stephen Samuels, President of Telcorp, "We provide competitive rates on top-tier networks like SPRINT and WorldCom. This has enabled us to obtain and retain significant national commercial accounts such as Computer Associates, Tenneco and Fortis Insurance Benefits. Communication Management Services has also built a substantial base of blue-chip commercial accounts utilizing the same core values." Communication Management Services has been providing customers and selected agents with a unique combination of product, service and telecom management since 1990. As one of the nation's largest Master Agents, CMS offers total network integration with an emphasis on toll free interactive routing using top-tiered carriers. Gene Foster, President of Communication Management Services shares his enthusiasm in "this opportunity for our peers to share in the wealth of ownership in the 'Equity Program' created by Agents for Agents." "The market for telecommunications companies places a premium on blue-chip customer bases as well as an elite marketing channel, represented by Agents like Communication Management Services and Premier Telemanagment Corporation." Continued Mr. Samuels, "Simply stated, we are confident that the combination of our unique customer base and desirable third party channel will allow us to realize a higher exit valuation. We look forward to working Agents who share our philosophy and are happy to give them their fair share of the lucrative benefits of corporate ownership. We are gratified that several professional independent agencies have already recognized the value of a strategic alliance."