New Samsung U800 Soul b Silver Unlocked Mobile

Samsung U800 Soul b Silver corpus is made of metal, its width is 9,9 mm. The following color solutions are available Soul Grey, Platinum Silver, Metallic Black, Soul Pink and Amethyst Violet. Finally the 3.15 Megapixel camera provides the kicker to this phone’s appeal. With video support, and LED flash, and a secondary videocall camera, this phone has you covered in all circumstances.


According to its characteristics Samsung U800 Soul b Silver is a little simpler than U900 Soul that is already on sale: it has a 3 mega pixel camera with the lightning, FM radio with RDS support, 1 GB installed memory, music player and Bluetooth module of the 2.0+EDR version. Besides the model Samsung U800 Soul b Silver is equipped with 2 inches QVGA display reflecting up to 16,7 millions colors and shades, and also a 3,5 mm slot for the ear plugs on the phone corpus. Samsung U800 Soul b Silver works in the GSM nets and also UMTS/HSDPA 3,6 Mb/sec Although the Samsung U800 Soul b Silver loses the touch screen in favor of a down to earth navigation ring, the beauty and charm that made the Soul such a hit is back in spades. The exclusively silver design only hints at the charm that lies in the features of this phone. The keys are easy to press and are flanked above by menu navigation buttons. The only extra decoration comes from the brushed steel body that gives the phone an air of sophistication. The MicroSD slot can house extra files such as music and pictures. Though there is a Gigabyte of shared memory, the card slot helps you get all the files you want onto the phone without adding extra bulk.3G connectivity is a highlight of the phone’s connections here. With 3G data transfers are faster than ever and since this is the wireless signal that will soon be the standard. USB and Bluetooth enable you to connect the phone to the computer to transfer files from your collection into the memory card.

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