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The applications of internet has increased from accessing information, downloading of music files or video clips or making the most of the news updates. As a matter of fact, the internet plays an important role in connecting and communicating with near and dear ones, across the globe. With advancement of telecommunication application, this advanced network has changed the way people communicate with each other, globally. Therefore, it can be said that PC phone calls have taken communication to its next logical higher level, more so when compared to PSTN levels.

PC phone calls save a lot on international and long-distance calls with no additional cost. This PC to phone solution allows the users to make a call through their personal computer. This solution has brought the revolution in the telecom industry, which has actually changed the way of connecting or communicating with people, globally. As a matter of fact, PC to phone calls are transmitted in the form of compressed data packets, which utilises the less bandwidth. Moreover, it helps the users to bring down the calling cost.

These net phones have reached a large number of homes, after proving their worth in the big and not-so-big organizations. For availing the benefits of unlimited calling to domestic and international destinations, the users require a PC, an internet connection, advanced IP services and a headset. Apart from low cost, these pc to phone calls boast of high quality speech with very less or negligible loss of sound. The users get the best of both worlds i.e., they can enjoy long distance calls without paying anything extra for the same.

As a matter of fact, calling over the Internet allows the people to spend less on monthly telephone bills. While, using the PC phone services, the users can save more than 60 percent against the PSTN phone services. Unlike the fixed-line telecommunication or PSTN services that are randomly used, the PC to phone services do not allow the users to pay more from their pockets for their day-to-day communication.

Apart from the cost, there are many exciting features that are responsible for increasing the popularity of PC phone services across the globe such as:

  1. Inexpensive and affordable calling: Calling over the PC 2 phone costs much lower than traditional telecom services. Thanks to the packet switching technique, wherein calls are charged according to the usage. The basic monthly fee on the PC phone is comparatively lower than PSTN services.
  2. Add-on benefits: The users enjoy PC Phone services with various add-on benefits without spending anything extra from their pocket. Some of the many services that can be experienced in the net phones are call forwarding, call waiting, voice mail, caller ID and three-way calling. Furthermore, the users can enjoy multitasking capabilities by sending data, pictures or videos at the same time, while communicating on the phone.
  3. Unlimited long distance calling: While calling over the PC phone, users enjoy unlimited cals on local, national and international domains, without bothering about the heavy monthly telephone bills.
  4. Portability: Unlike PSTN services, the users can make and receive phone calls, even from the remotest area. As a matter of fact, for making a call over the PC phone, one requires internet connection and phone. Therefore, without tangling with wires, the users can enjoy chatting, calling and sending of files to others.
  5. Easy Installing: These PC 2 phone calls are easy to install and manage. The basic equipment needed for net calls is a broadband modem (either cable or DSL), a router, and an IP phone.

To conclude, the ratio of people opting for PC phone services is on the increase. The number of internet telephony companies are increasing to cater the growing demand of busy professionals, globe trotting executives and house makers.

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