Politics Enter The Digital Age

President Obama, Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts and countless other 2010 candidates used social media such as tweeter and facebook to reach their potential voters. They used twitter to gather crowds at local events and facebook to build their community of supporters. The campaigns collected contributions online and provided means for their supporters to contact and reach out to their sphere of influence. This online campaigning instently increases credibility with younger voters and builds up constituent bases but it has not yet overtaken the “get out the vote” calls. During the most recent election, many campaigns across the country featured novice candidates with very little funds trying to compete against incumbents with war chests that took years to accumulate. In order to combat their lack of funds they need to operate their campaigns cheaper and more efficiently than past models. One method to make the hundreds, if not thousands, of “get out the vote” calls at a cheaper rate is VOIP (voice over internet protocol). This is an easy fix to bring the business of campaigns into the digital age, like the politics of campaigns.

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Originally submitted by A Stewart to TheDigest.com.