Roaming costs

Do you know what roaming is? Anytime you travel abroad, your phone connects to a network in the country you are visiting. This is “roaming”. When you make a call while roaming, you incur charges that are much higher than your local charges. The network operator located in the country you are visiting will handle the calls you make and receive. Rather than charging you directly for their services, the new network operator charges your home network operator e.g. O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange. Your Home network operator adds up its share and you face a hefty bill at the end of the month. How to save money on roaming costs? You can purchase a roaming SIM card and use it on any unlocked mobile phone. Where to buy a cheap roaming SIM card? Go to: or and buy a roaming SIM card for £30, including £25 international call credit (voicemail & cheap international SMS available). Roaming SIM Recommended by The Guardian Newspaper and

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