Robust Router to Support VoIP

Actiontech Electronic's next generation dual-core, 64-bit processor router adopted by Verizon to power their FiOS Internet Service sets industry standards for performance. This router can support strong VoIP communication without dropped signals and additionally supports high quality video streams and television service. Service providers that may choose to incorporate the router, that is if Verizon hasn't sealed a private deal with them, will experience speeds beyond 100 Mbps and better. The device gets closer to meeting the needs of an increasingly discriminating consumer by providing numerous value-added, bandwidth-intensive applications, such as parental controls, online gaming, music, live sports, children’s entertainment, movies and television programming. It is great that the router can provide great support but it makes me wonder if Verizon is planning to be a gatekeeper. The router features an advanced design including the 64-bit dual-core processor which provides 10-15% greater improvement over the 32-bit standard previously used. The improved performance is backed by an MIPS core which was similarly used in Series 2 Tivo and the Playstation 2 game console for additional support of networking with multiple applications thereby reducing the number of cycles needed and greater efficiency. The router has 8 input channels and 8 output channels and a high QOS (Quality of Service) which frees a processor, frequently known as a computer, for additional bandwidth needs like VoIP phone and data calls. "Our goal is to stay on the leading edge of the broadband home gateway market and keep developing new technologies that help our customers lower their operating and capital costs, as well as roll out a new generation of enhanced, differentiated applications," said Dean Chang, CEO of Actiontec.

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