Siemens Offers IP Telephone

Las Vegas, NV, April 20, 1999 (DLD Digest) - Large and medium-sized companies in the U.S. looking to integrate voice and data communications now have an easier way to "plug" into powerful cost and administrative savings associated with IP telephony. The device is the HiNet(tm) LP 5100 IP telephone, introduced here today by Siemens Information and Communication Networks. The HiNet LP 5100 is a high-featured business telephone with a built-in Ethernet network adapter for direct connection to a company's local area network (LAN). The product made its European debut in Germany last month. Until now, IP telephony has been difficult for users to adapt to because the available interfaces were primitive and in some cases cumbersome. Device shortcomings have also limited communications between IP-based telephony devices and those on standard PSTN networks. The HiNet LP 5100 brings many of the desired features of a full-function business telephone to the IP environment, and significantly enhances communication, enabling calls between the HiNet LP 5100 and other IP telephones, classic PSTN phones, and H.323-standard-compatible PC clients. IP-based telephony reduces call costs by routing long-distance calls over the company's IP network. Companies can also realize additional savings by combining voice and data communications over a single network from initial network set-up through operation and maintenance. The HiNet LP 5100 offers many compelling features. Siemens' OptiGuide(tm) interface, for example, allows users to access and set up phone features by simply scrolling through a menu and selecting the desired option from the phone's 24-character LCD display. Other features include automatic redial, on-hook dialing, hands-free operation, 16 programmable speed dial numbers and a date and time display. The phone also stores information on the last 20 calls not answered, enabling the user to retrieve the names and IP address of the callers (if available), and the times of the calls. Finally, the IP phone enables users to download software directly in to the phone, making feature upgrades simple.

Standards-Based Automated Management

The HiNet LP 5100 IP supports the H.323, H.225 and H.245 standards and the TCP/IP, FTP, DHCP and SNTP protocols. ITU standards G.711 (64kbit/s) and G.723.1 (6.3 kbit/s) can be used as speech algorithms. High speech quality is achieved by active echo suppression. The implementation of SNMP and the provision of an HTTP server ensure that the HiNet LP 5100 IP telephone fits perfectly into the management environment of the data world. The status, user name and address can therefore be checked from any workstation, even from a remote workstation. The DHCP protocol makes it easier to configure an IP telephone as each IP telephone can be assigned an IP address automatically. The HiNet LP 5100 IP telephone will be available via Siemens Information and Communication Networks' distribution channels in August 1999 and will be priced at $425. Based in Boca Raton, Fla., Siemens Information and Communication Networks provides highly integrated voice, data, and video communication capabilities to carrier and enterprise customers. Last year the company's 7,500 U.S. employees helped generate sales of nearly $2 billion. Its parent firm is Siemens, the pioneering electronics firm with more than 400,000 employees worldwide and global sales that exceeded $66 billion in fiscal 1998. For more information, call 800/765-6123 or visit the World Wide Web site at