Kansas City, MO, April 4, 1997 (DLD Digest) -- Rare gold-plated dimes will be dropped today into U.S. currency circulation, sparking a modern-day Gold Rush. On Thursday, April 3, 1,000 24 karat gold-plated dimes will be placed in circulation across the country. From coast to coast, consumers who discover these Amazing gold dimes will have the chance to turn them into dollars -- up to $25,000 to be exact. To find the special gold dimes, consumers can put their gold pans aside because The Amazing Kreskin, the "world's foremost mentalist," will give his predictions as to where the dimes are located. Kreskin will kick off The Amazing Sprint Sense Dime Find on April 3 from the Dime Savings Bank of New York at 60th and Park Avenue in New York City. Simultaneously across the country, 1,000 gold dimes will be dropped in locations where consumers make phone calls. Sprint, the communications giant recognized for its flat dime-a-minute long distance rate, is turning TV fantasy into reality with the Amazing Sprint Sense Dime Find. Current Sprint television ads depict consumers gaining "magical" control over their life after finding Sprint's dime on the street. The Amazing Sprint Sense Dime Find brings the magical feel of the commercials to life and truly shows the power of Sprint's Amazing dime. "We're literally taking Sprint's advertising campaign out of the TV and into the real world," said Tom Kessler, director of marketing for Sprint's Consumer Services Group. "Just as the ads show that discovering Sprint's dime-a-minute rate can help consumers gain control of their long distance bill, finding one of Sprint's Amazing gold dimes could help them control other areas of their life, with a chance for prizes up to $25,000." In order to turn Sprint's Amazing gold dimes to dollars, consumers must call 1-888-GRAB-GOLD (1-888-472-2465) to report their gold dime find. The first person to call 1-888-GRAB-GOLD and complete Sprint's gold dime verification process will win a $25,000 Amazing Sprint Sense Dime Find grand prize and one year of free long distance from Sprint. Each of the next 10 individuals who call 1-888-GRAB-GOLD and repeat Sprint's gold dime verification process will receive a year's worth of free long distance and an Amazing Sprint Sense Dime Find runner-up prize of $1,000. Others who call after the first 11 reported and verified finds may turn in their gold dime for prepaid long distance prizes.