SunRocket VoIP customers have dialtone once again, but only for a few more days. The carrier is giving customers until August 5th to port their numbers to another carrier. SunRocket's website posted the following bulletin for its customers on Monday: -- ALL SERVICES TO BE DISCONTINUED NO LATER THAN AUGUST 5, 2007 -- As previously reported, SunRocket is in the process of discontinuing its operations and SunRocket will no longer be able to provide its customers with the phone service. While services to customers may be discontinued at anytime, all services will be discontinued no later than August 5, 2007. However, two service providers are assisting and offering to provide SunRocket customers the opportunity to sign up for their services. Both providers have agreed to become preferred providers with special pricing for the SunRocket customers to enable them to migrate their telephone service. Of course, there are other providers and each individual customer can make their own decision as to which carrier they wish to transition to. We urge each and every customer that has not signed up with a new service provider to immediately do so now. Do not delay as services are being discontinued and will be permanently shut down no later than August 5, 2007. Emails to the SunRocket customers are currently being sent with more detailed information on how to sign up with the two preferred service providers. The email address of the SunRocket customers that is on record is the address being used to send emails to the customers. Or you can call (703) 394-4150 and follow the directions on the voicemail. We realize this is a very difficult period for the SunRocket customers. With these two preferred providers, the customers will have the opportunity to transfer telephone services. Both providers are offering SunRocket customers special pricing and easy porting of their telephone numbers. An affiliate of Sherwood Partners, LLC is managing the process as the Assignee for the benefit of creditors. Creditors of SunRocket will receive a notice within the next 30 days in regards to the general assignment and for the filing of claims in the liquidation process of SunRocket.