Teleblend Apologizes for Lying

The VoIP provider suffers crippling network outage, then blames problems on underlying carrier Global Crossing. It turns out that GC had nothing to do with the outage, and Teleblend is forced to issue an apology. The outage seemed to mainly affect orphaned SunRocket customers, who had already had their numbers ported to Teleblend some weeks or days beforehand. Below is the official apology from Teleblend. Oakland, CA - TeleBlend, a nationwide provider of broadband phone service, experienced a disruption of service for part of its customer base earlier this week. During the service disruption, the company inadvertently made public statements that incorrectly implied the outage was due to an issue with Global Crossing’s network. TeleBlend would like to state definitively that the cause of the service disruption was in no way, shape or form due to any issue or outage with Global Crossing’s network, which continues to serve customers with industry-leading performance and 99.999 percent service reliability. We would also like to take this opportunity to let customers know we appreciate their patience during our service disruption and apologize for the inconvenience it has caused to their communications. By addressing and rectifying the cause of the service disruption we look forward to continuing to provide reliable broadband phone service that meets and exceeds customer expectations in the coming years.