TripleMe – the new way of searching today

New search engine has added more advanced searching capabilities to help users easily sort results from the top 3 major search engines. Displaying search results from Google, Yahoo and MSN, TripleMe has grown in popularity with over 1,000 unique visitors using the engine per day. Designed to be user-friendly, the robust searching capabilities on TripleMe allow users to interactively generate sophisticated search strings by including logical constructions. To give users a more comfortable and useful searching experience, the search engine also offers a free toolbar download that is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. According to TripleMe users statistic data, based on 20,000 requests, 40 percent of users found their results in the Google column, 31 percent in the Yahoo column and 27 percent in the MSN Live column. TripleMe’s 3 in 1 search solution is a great way of searching today. For additional help with searching online go to