Turkey Telecom Sector Forecast to 2012

Largely driven by the government initiatives aimed at the liberalization and privatization of the sector to introduce competition, the Turkish telecom sector has shown tremendous growth in past few years. Coupled with this, the favorable demographics of the country, together with rising disposable income and a desire to avail hi-tech telecom services, are propelling the domestic telecom market. Turkey has low fixed-line, Internet and broadband penetrations, offering huge potential for their future development. The fixed-line sector remains underdeveloped, and various factors such as high tariffs and absence of fixed-line networks, have been hindering its growth, says our new research report, "Turkey Telecom Sector Forecast to 2012". Mobile services, on the other hand, penetrated nearly 83% of the Turkish population in 2007 and are projected to surpass 100% in next few years. As the mobile market will approach saturation during the forecasted period, operators will resort to offering Value Added Services (VAS) to drive their revenues. The recent announcement by the government to allow Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is further expected to lead to true competition in the sector. Because competition in the telecom sector is intensifying, operators are now looking for new sources of revenue generation to sustain and gain their market share. This is prompting them to introduce such new technologies as 3G, IPTV and WiMAX in the country. Hence, operators in the region are aggressively pushing the deployment of network infrastructure suitable for these technologies. "Turkey Telecom Sector Forecast to 2012" gives an insight into the current market trends and substantiate the data with unbiased and rationale analysis. The report provides 4-year industry forecast (2009-2012) on various telecom segments based on feasible telecom industry environment in Turkey. These include: Fixed-line subscribers and penetration Mobile subscribers and penetration Internet subscribers and penetration Broadband subscribers and penetration Personal computers and penetration. The report also provides thorough analysis on the current and potential outlook of various emerging technologies, such as 3G, IPTV and WiMAX.

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