Virtual Telephone Numbers - Improve your communication system

Virtual telephone numbers are secondary numbers associated with the primary numbers provided through a hosted PBX system. Virtual phone numbers do not cost as much as the conventional numbers and is sure to improve your communication system. They are cost effective especially for the long distance calls. Conventionally, PBX phones are very expensive to buy, install and maintain. The price goes high as the level of sophistication and integrated features increases. Small businesses usually look for low-priced phone system. If you wish to have your business network more established, going for a virtual phone number will be a smart option. This can be easily set up with the help of a hosted PBX system. Virtual PBX phone systems are implemented virtually though dedicated phone connections, as a result there are no expensive premise-based PBX equipment involved in the network. So you are free from the hassles of installing and maintaining additional phone lines and conventional switching components in your office premises. If your customers prefer to deal with local businesses, virtual telephone numbers are ideal. Even when you are located miles apart, your callers will get the impression that they are dealing with a business enterprise in their own area. Though you are not around, you will not miss out any calls – with the unique find me follow me call forwarding feature, all calls can be routed to the alternative numbers you have provided. Other value added features are voicemail, automatic answering, multiple fax extension, call transfer and many more facilities. Even a professionally recorded welcome greeting can be programmed through the PBX systems. The virtual phone numbers can be easily installed in your home phone, corporate phone or even a cell phone. You can avail of this service from established service providers at affordable rates. Hosted PBX providers offer you the option of either applying for a new local telephone number or integrating your existing number with the innovative features that come with a hosted PBX system.

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