Vopium – Mobile VoIP Service for Cheap International Calls

Vopium is a Copenhagen based company that offers a great calling service through mobile VoIP, perfect for people living abroad. Other than providing cheap calling rates, the service is easy-to-use that does not require users to change their operator and sim card. Vopium has recently closed a venture capital financing agreement of EUR 4.2 million – approx.DKK 32 million – from the Luxembourg‐based investment company Enex Group SA, which is a big achievement for the startup. The new funding will enable Vopium to further expand itself in European countries, empowering their users to obtain great saving options when calling internationally. It is currently possible to use Vopium in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Spain but progressing rapidly with time, Vopium is tested in various countries such as France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, UK and the US. It also aims to increase its access in parts of US and Asia. “Vopium has a unique, well-designed and functional product which holds considerable international potential. The company has already demonstrated that it has what it takes to develop an outstanding product that gives the user easy access to cheap international telephony without having to switch provider or change SIM card. Vopium aims to be the sole long distance provider of its customers. All that’s required now is to expand, so many more people can enjoy the benefits of using Vopium,” says Christian Eyde Møller, Chairman of the Board of Vopium. Vopium works on more than 500 different mobile handsets supporting Symbian, Windows Mobile, Java and Blackberry. In case of Blackberry phones, Vopium is currently available in beta version for Blackberry Pearl, Curve and Blackberry 8800 series. The users can also enjoy the trial of Vopium by taking 30 minutes free. The service can easily be downloaded and installed on new phones within minutes. When you call through Vopium, you pay your mobile provider for a local call and Vopium for the international add-on. In addition to this the Vopium users can easily monitor their consumption, add other phones and services, buy packages of cheap minutes to selected destinations. The best thing is that Vopium is available in your local language, enabling you to communicate with your loved ones, they way you like. It can be easily selected automatically based on the language setting in your phone. It enables us to launch Vopium throughout most of Europe; giving Europeans the possibility of saving as much as 90 per cent on international mobile calls – and it also enables us to pursue our vision of making international calls free for all Vopium users. "During the past year we have tested Vopium in the Scandinavian market, and we are convinced we have a world‐class product," says Tanveer Sharif, Vopium’s CEO and co‐founder. They provide various products that ensure fixed low price for international calls, unlimited talk time to number of countries, low price international calls form landlines, low price text messages and call back product, which empowers users to make cheap calls when they are abroad. Below find details about some new Vopium products. Simply select your destination on http://www.vopium.com and see how you can save more and talk for long.

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