WiMax Saved By Google and Others

Sprint and Clearwire have merged their WiMax to bring to reality the latest generation of broadband services. Getting much needed backing from heavyweight companies like Google, Intel, Comcast and others, the venture now has an addition $3.2 billion to complete the roll-out of these services. The WiMax technology has held support from the large technology companies in the past, but the lacking financial resources from the primary carriers, Sprint and Clearwire, has slowed advancements in the new 4G services. This new venture gives WiMax the backing it needs to become the next-generation 4G wireless network. Google’s investment interest in the venture is to integrate its online services with WiMax networks. The Mountain View, California-based search engine plans to be Sprint’s default mobile search provider which includes making Google Maps Mobile and YouTube available on all of Sprint’s handsets. The deal will give Sprint 51 percent of the partnership, while shareholders of Clearwire will have 27 percent leaving 22 percent to the other investors. The board of directors for Clearwire is aiming to compete with Verizon Wireless and AT&T with the rollout of this next-generation wireless service. Intel’s interest is in manufacturing the chipsets for WiMax, while Comcast and Time Warner are planning to provide wireless services. A combined $12 billion dollars has been committed to reviving WiMax by Sprint, Clearwire, and the investing partners.