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5 Reasons to Purchase Call Credits Online

As a regular consumer, you may have been used to purchasing calling cards via retail stores or gas stations. But did you know that there are many other places where you can purchase call cards aside from over-the-counter? One great alternative is purchasing them online.

Cheap International Calls Using Your Cell Phone

Nowadays, a cell phone is considered to be a basic necessity. The further advancement in the telecommunications industry has made the cell phone one of the most important modes of communication, and has made it indispensable for countless of people.

How to Make International Calls Using Your Landline or Mobile Phone

You’re probably wondering how to make an international phone call and communicate with your loved ones abroad. But before you make your first international call, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind in order to successfully connect the call.

Virtual PBX Systems - Low Up-Front Costs

All the functionalities of standard phone systems are included in this system with the aid of hosted servers. It co-ordinates the incoming calls to your office effectively, forwarding the right calls to the right persons. Hence, the businessmen need not necessarily be in their offices. Whatever location they may be in, they can communicate with their customers, just as if they were in the office. One of the greatest advantages of virtual PBX system is that you don’t have to appoint a receptionist to attend your calls.

DS3 Bandwidth..... Great Choice For A New Data Network

DS3 Bandwidth delivers the extra capacity and worry free reliability any company requires to support critical business functions. It'll make every IT specialist breathe a sigh of relief once implemented ...

Mobile VoIP For Cheap International Calls?

Fierce competition in the mobile VoIP sector isn't keeping new offerings at bay. Raketu, a leading global Internet communications, information, and entertainment company, has been steadily introducing mobile VoIP clients over the past two months despite saturation from several other competitors.

Are Calling Cards Still Relevant?

In this day and age with cell phones everywhere, VoIP services bringing down long distance charges, and all of the other wonders of modern technology at your finger tips, it is natural to look at older technology and ask the question, "Are calling cards still relevant today?"

The answer depends on your circumstances, but quite often calling cards may not only be a good option, but they may be your best option.

Cell Phone/Mobile Device Myths

Here's a challenge for you .... leave your answer(s) as a comment.

Which of these so called “myths” do you believe is in fact true?

BillBery Voip Billing System integrated with Sansay softswitch

BillBery VoIP billing solution allows loading and processing CDR-files, and at the same time provides complete integration via RADIUS-protocol.

Cell Phone Signal Booster

Cell phone signal boosters have become increasingly popular in the past few years due to the continuous demand for better cell coverage. They are typically small electronic devices that capture nearby cell signal and then retransmit it where needed. Although usually used indoors, it can also be easily accessed in your car. There are several advantages to owning a cell phone booster for your home or car. The cell booster acts as a wireless device that enables you roam free around your home without the issue of dropping your calls. With the booster to enhance your signal, it will also ensure crystal clear calls with no static or long pauses to dial out.