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Qualcomm Continues Legal Battle with Broadcom

Qualcomm has taken a few blows over the last month. First the court sides for the opponent, cell-phone giant Broadcom, then Qualcomm’s Chief Counsel jumps ship, then wireless industry star Sanjay Jha who grew up in India in a home with no phone left to join the cell phone originators, Motorola.

Converting Your Small Business to VOIP

More and more companies are adopting IP telephony to utilize the broad range of features and benefits associated with this advancing technology. Businesses unable or unwilling to make the switch will soon find themselves at a competitive disadvantage for a number of reasons.

VoIP Phone Service Overtaking Traditional Connectivity: A Paradox Or Not

The one buzzword that has taken over the internet community these days is the increasing popularity of VoIP phone service.

International Calling Simplified With Internet Calling System

International Calls can be made very easily at cheap calling cost with the introduction of the internet telephony. The internet is known to provide the best service when it comes to calling features.

Call for Free Without Worrying About the Calling Rates

Until the invention of telephone, every method of communication, whether it were the postcards or the letters, used to take a lot of time. Though at that time telegram also existed but it was not a very reliable method of sending the messages.

PC Phone Calls: Save More Talk more

The applications of internet has increased from accessing information, downloading of music files or video clips or making the most of the news updates. As a matter of fact, the internet plays an important role in connecting and communicating with near and dear ones, across the globe.

Quad Band Features about Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson will announce the new F305 gaming phone with PlayStation-like buttons. The phone will come in Polar White shown here or Mystic Black. But get ready to squint while you play on its 2-inch TFT display.

VoIP Reseller Program: Bringing Tech-Savvy Connectivity

The VoIP reseller program is the sole means by which one can access advantages of online connectivity. One can make use of the internet in voice over IP to transmit calls virtually over the internet.

Cheap International Calls: Make International Calls at Local Rates

With an outcome of Internet, big world has turned into a globalised village. Internet is considered as the main driving force behind this great trend. As a matter of fact, the great success of Internet applications can be seen in various sectors of the industry.

Make International Calls for free: Now Talk Till You Wish To

When international calls come to mind people imagine running meters, high charges, short and loud talk sessions and most of all poor sound or voice quality.