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T-Mobile—Unlimited Calling Only $10 a Month

Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), T-Mobile has just waged what could become one of the fiercest price wars between telephone companies in years.

Vopium – Mobile VoIP Service for Cheap International Calls

Vopium is a Copenhagen based company that offers a great calling service through mobile VoIP, perfect for people living abroad. Other than providing cheap calling rates, the service is easy-to-use that does not require users to change their operator and sim card.

Apple’s Corporate-friendly Approach to Big Business?

Though Apple is having no problems winning over legions of customers with the return of Steve Jobs and the introduction of the highly popular iPhone, the company is putting plans in place to win over a widely untouched customer base-corporate America.

House Passes Bill Protecting Telecom Companies from Surveillance Lawsuits

The House voted overwhelmingly on Friday to approve a new surveillance law to amend the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Free Mobile VoIP Calls Anywhere With Jaxtr

It’s becoming well known that VoIP is the best way to make and receive cheap phone calls. Whether domestic or international, it saves more than 60% over traditional phone calls and in many cases it is even free.

Verizon’s Offer to Buy Alltel Would Make it Largest US Wireless Provider

Although the deal has not yet been approved, Verizon Wireless has agreed to purchase its competitor, Alltel, for a reported $28 billion. The buyout would add Alltel’s 13.2 million cellular customers to Verzon’s subscriber base making the wireless provider the largest in the US.

WiMax Saved By Google and Others

Sprint and Clearwire have merged their WiMax to bring to reality the latest generation of broadband services. Getting much needed backing from heavyweight companies like Google, Intel, Comcast and others, the venture now has an addition $3.2 billion to complete the roll-out of these services.

Intro to Asterisk

Asterisk was created back in 1999 by Digium Inc’s Mark Spencer as an open source PBX telphony applications system.

TripleMe – the new way of searching today

New search engine has added more advanced searching capabilities to help users easily sort results from the top 3 major search engines.

AT&T Plans Layoffs

According to a Friday filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission the company is planning to lay off approximately 4,650 employees. The company said the 1.5 percent decrease in its workforce is “the next step in streamlining its operations.