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Microsoft Advances Into Small-Business VoIP Market

With a focus to become a more prominent player in the small business VoIP market, Microsoft plans to release a powerful service pack to dramatically improve its Response Point software.

Telecom Positioned to Benefit from Streaming Video and Audio Market

A recent Insight Research study says IPTV, along with streaming video and audio, will generate $70 billion in revenue over the next six years.

Sirius Satellite Gets Approval to Buy Rival XM

Sirius Satellite Radio received approval from the Justice Department to purchase XM Satellite Radio for $5 billion.

VoIP Industry 2008

VoIP is clearly making it’s presence felt on a world-wide level. In the past several years technology has dramatically improved bringing Voice over Internet Protocol services into the same arena with large traditional telephony carriers.

Covad Shareholders Vote to Sell

Shareholders of Covad have voted to approve the $304 million bid by Platinum Equity to buy the struggling broadband carrier and take it private.

New Search Engine Could Leave Some Major Metasearch Engines Behind the Curve

Using the metasearch concept pioneered by the well-known DogPile, Excite or HotBob Search Providers, TripleMe provides web surfers the top ten organic results from the three major search engines on each page.

New VoIP Provider Lets You Pick Preferred Network

Written by Adam Gosling A new VoIP service provider which launched in Australia last month has introduced a novel way of looking at VoIP service provision. Rather than setting rock solid rates and forcing customers to use its preferred network partners, Antratel takes a different approach.

Google Lends “helping hand” To Yahoo

In an effort to stop Microsoft from snatching up Yahoo, Google is actively taking steps to prevent the $44.6 billion acquisition.

Apple: New iPhone Features and Online Movie Rentals

Apple, Inc. unveiled several new iPhone features Tuesday along with an ultra-slim notebook and an online movie rental service targeting portable devices and televisions. Apple CEO Steve Jobs demonstrated several new features of the iPod-cell phone-Internet surfing device.

Hop-On PDA Phone for Handheld Casino Gaming Released

Becoming the world’s first handheld casino, Hop-On, Inc. introduced the GSM/CDMA Dual Mode PDA 2001 model late last month. Complete with GPS capability, the new PDA phone for AT&T and Verizon Network, offers the latest technology at an affordable price.