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Free VoIP Calling on Android

While most of the apps that depended on Google Voice support got to hear the grim reaper knocking on their doors, several prophetic visionaries stay afloat with reliable alternatives for the Android user. Though they're not all true, dedicated style VoIP methods, they will still work on an Android - and one of the following methods may also work for you.

How VoIP is Revolutionizing Communications

The VoIP communications revolution is here. The takeover of business phone systems with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) unified communications is upon us. Virtualize enterprise communications with VoIP integrated phone services and applications, and turn information assets into profits. In the global marketplace, competition demands immediacy and precision in communications. VoIP service providers offer B2B clients optimization of enterprise communications networks. Replacement of landline connections and outdated service infrastructure with VoIP immediately enhances the productivity of any business.

Expanding VoIP Across Nations

The Internet has changed the way many of us communicate. While new communication channels like video conferencing apps, social media sites and instant messenger services are very popular and convenient, the growth of broadband Internet usage has also changed the way individuals and businesses use the phone. While traditional landline phones are still in widespread use, they are gradually being overtaken by VoIP solutions, especially among business clients, who demand a powerful telecommunications solution at an affordable price.

Small, Medium, or Large: How Companies of All Sizes Benefit from Switching to VoIP

In a time when technology is advancing everything around us, phone systems do as well. Tons of companies have switched over from traditional phone services that use land lines to advanced cloud technology phone services that use the Internet to transmit calls. Regardless of company size, from small startups to multinational corporations, businesses are using VoIP to further their company’s communication systems and save money. 

Google Hangouts Incorporates VoIP

In 2011 Google launched Google Plus which created a social network for Google users. A few years later in 2013 Google developed Google Hangouts which collated the perks from G Talk and G+ Messenger into a singular service that allowed users to video conference and instant message. Google Hangouts has since grown to have new features like file exchanging, advanced texting, the ability to screen share and have up to 10 callers on one hangout.