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If you're looking for business VOIP, look no further than Forethought Communications.

Simplii VoIP and Web Solutions

For the ultimate quality advanced telecommunications services for your business today, choose Simplii VoIP.

Auditel telecom expense management

Auditel Inc. has over two decades experience in the telecom expense management world. These services are comprehensive and save businesses and groups millions of dollars.

Choose Easy On Hold for your On Hold Music Provider

We recently received an email from a medical office administrator who is very frustrated with his telephone service provider. Seems his spiffy new off-site VOIP service provider can’t figure out how to play his custom music on hold messages the way he wants them played: in a constant rotation.

Grow your business with

Grow your business with

VoIP Services Making for More Productive Employees

An increasing number of businesses have replaced their traditional phone systems with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems, and they are benefiting greatly from the switch.

AE Technology Helps Transition Businesses to VoIP

Up until recently there has always been a major bottleneck to the growth of a company: communication.