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Swedish Carrier Telia Moves Forward with Plans to Charge for VoIP Access

Earlier this year there were rumblings that Sweden's mobile carrier Telia would seek to preserve its dwindling revenue stream by preventing access to Skype and other VoIP services.

UN Internet Takeover Rumor Dispelled

ReadWriteWeb, and quite a few other outlets, posted a story this past Friday with a headline that warned of an impending U.N.

Swedish Telcos Identify VoIP Threats to Revenue; Create Skypegoat

Starting later this year, the Scandinavian carrier will include mobile VoIP phone service as a plan feature for new customers, grandfathering in existing customers. New customers who choose not to pay for access to VoIP service by mobile VoIP providers such as Skype, Viber, and others will find they will not be able to use the VoIP services at all. "We need to be able to get paid for our various services no matter what," Telia maintains.

A Skype from New York: Big Apple Set to Offer VoIP in Public Payphones

Once an everyday convenience for urban residents around the globe, phone booths have been a dying breed in recent years, and New York City is no exception.

AT&T, T-Mobile Merger on Hold

Department of Justice sues AT&T to stop $39 billion merger with T-Mobile

Need to read anything more after the headlines?

AT&T "throttles" data usage

On October 1, AT&T will be the next wireless carrier to start throttling data usage, following Verizon’s move in February and T-Mobile’s move last year.

Verizon Rumors Are True: Unlimited Data is gone

The rumours were true: Verizon’s unlimited data plan is gone. It’s been replaced by the dreaded tiered data plans that Gizmodo and Droid Life reported on last month.

Beginning July 7, tomorrow, Verizon will be selling data plans at the following prices:

Verizon To End Unlimited Data Plans

Following AT&T's and T-Mobile’s moves last year, Verizon Wireless has become the next company to ditch unlimited data plans and installed a tiered pricing plan (also known as "The Dark Side".) Sprint remains the consumer's last and best hope for unlimited data service.


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