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Look out Nigeria!! Here comes VoIP...

Do you consider VoIP an American Craze, fueling our hunger for new technology? Well think again, VoIP is a craze not only in the land of liberty, but all over the world; including Nigeria.

WiFi in the Sky

WiFi in the sky is being offered but not without continuing battles from cellphone companies and Aviation security authorities. American Airlines is the only airlines offering internet access while in flight on Aircell’s Gogo.

Cheapest way to make calls while traveling

I read in my local newspaper this past weekend that the best way to dial the states when I am touring the world is to buy an inexpensive mobile phone here in the US and then get a chip in the country which I will be making outgoing calls from.

Oh Me, Oh My, I'm Now in Oman

And how did I even get here? Talk about dry spells. No, I’m not referring to the vast desert here that is drowning in $125 barrels of oil just below the125˚ degree sand.

Comptel Blues

No I didn’t get fired or quit or lose my virtual pen. I haven’t been writing because, like the monk who took the vow of silence, I didn’t have anything worth talking about during the last four months.

Channel Partners Show – Vegas Baby!

What part of that title is not enticing? Obviously, very little. Despite committing to grabbing huge room blocks at the Rio, and then three other hotels, every room was grabbed by attendees a full month before the show.

YAWN at VON: Brought to you by Big Dave

I arrived at VON with grand expectations, having attended past shows at this very same venue in the San Jose Convention Center and been greeted by an arena packed full of people and exhibits.

On the Road to Nashville - Brought to you by Big Dave

Golly Gee, has it already been fourteen years since we’ve had a Comptel here in Nashville? Hadn’t we already learned our lesson before? And we even had it at this same place, the Opryland Hotel. The only difference is last time there was a huge amusement park connected next door.

Vonage Settles with Sprint for $80 million

Vonage has reportedly settled their legal dispute with Sprint out of court over VoIP patents for a hefty $80 million.