CallTower's Unified Communication Technologies are Among the Best Around

Advanced CallTower Unified Communication Technology provides modern offices and all affiliated locations with highest levels of quality telecommunications services. Offering latest versions of Cisco® CallManager, this hi-tech system includes messaging, mobility, conferencing and presence management options. It also offers the sophisticated VoIP telephony capabilities that successful enterprises depend on today. CallTower assures clients of a fully certified Cisco installation that includes the latest CallManager platform, routers, switches and telephones as well as a data center server. With use of this all-inclusive communications solution and contact center hosted from the cloud, company leaders and staff are free to concentrate on their collaborative skills and tasks to increase business productivity and success.

Premier Quality IP Voice Services

Superior CallTower VoIP Services enable business offices and organizations to rely on instantaneous, real-time telecommunications. With the cloud-hosted Cisco® system and the CallTower Complete for Lync plan, used separately or together, major industry executives and staff can be contacted globally with just one phone call. This exemplary service provides top-tier voice quality, desk model phones with myriad features and soft telephones as well as complete connectivity with iPhones, Androids and other smartphones. Another outstanding aspect of this advanced IP voice system is its flexible capacity to adapt to the ever-evolving, complex demands of modern business. This state-of-the-art telecommunications technology offers a wide variety of features from Cisco® and Microsoft® compatible with IP voice service received via diverse Internet connections, such as Skype for business

This innovative VoIP provider offers quality service across an impressive selection of Cisco phones, conference phones, wireless phones and sidecars. This extensive range of contemporary telecommunications features also includes Cisco VoIP Service via conference telephones from Polycom. Companies can buy, lease or lease-to-own all equipment and digital devices provided by CallTower. Phone features and functions include basic or premium Voice to Text and Email Transcription options. Other attractive features are Find Me, Follow Me and Quality of Service assurance with use of a dedicated phone connection. With use of convenient headsets, staff members in offices can connect with traveling employees carrying cellular phones. 

Advanced Unified Communication

With CallTower's expert Unified Communication systems, immediate connection to colleagues and clients is ensured with email, VoIP phone service, instant messaging, chat, desktop sharing, whiteboarding and e-Fax services. Presence management, an important aspect of business networks today, is a major focus of the specialized unification of all components of a complete telecomm plan. Ways in which these different features greatly enhance business communications include:

• Presence Management. - This valuable feature provides instant and accurate visibility. Staff members can determine which of their fellow workers are available at any given time, enabling direct and effective connection among coworkers. This feature saves workers' time, increases productivity, supports initiative and assists key staff in making decisions. 

• Email, VoIP Phone Service, Instant Messaging and Chat. - These essential telecommunications features provide immediate, smooth connections with important associates and company contacts. By using a combination of these services, all participants in office projects and procedures can communicate with one another with whichever method is most suitable at the moment. 

• Desktop Sharing, Whiteboarding and e-Fax. - These telecomm functions make it possible for staff members to share, discuss and collaborate on documents, graphics, ideas and proposals. 

Sophisticated Contact Center

The Contact Center from CallTower provides cloud versatility and security, intelligent inter-channel routing, real-time based reporting and interactional recording. With the inclusive client interaction data collection, company staff members have access to a complete overview of each customer. Business contact centers can be easily connected to clients by means of social media and additional mobile venues. Companies with access to ComputerTalk gain benefits from its worldwide Lync contact center that operates from the cloud. The Lync contact center has an app development aid that enables connected users to design apps with capabilities like Lync voice, Skype for business voice, web-chat and messaging. 

Comprehensive Network Services

As a network service provider, CallTower issues network upgrades and coordinates new apps and tech updates with current company communications procedures. With the use of a Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) privately run network, companies with several or many different business locations are assured of well-regulated connection routes between office locales. MPLS use provides superior action data, video or voice transmissions among all offices. With use of multiple communications routes, company staff members can rely on 100 percent voice uptime, without interruption or fade-out. With global SIP trunking and dedicated lines, CallTower network service users enjoy international dialing, privacy and steady point-to-point telecomm connections. By maintaining widespread co-location hosting centers, top speed data connections and network architecture that is scalable, this modern VoIP service provider guarantees its customers dependable, steadfast and scalable services. 

Excellent Mobility Features

Company employees can stay well connected by using digital devices equipped with mobile apps from CallTower Complete for Lync and Cisco®. They can also choose the advanced technology of Sprint Mobile Integration. Employees are supplied with one interface for connecting while traveling, at home or in the office. Staff members can work virtually from any location. With CallTower Mobility, staff members can substitute mobile devices for desk phones. Their customers can reach them much more easily. Mobile phone service is also a money-saving method since desk phones are no longer needed for employees with mobile devices. Telecommunications modes become simple and seamless.

Full Service Conferencing and Collaboration

The CallTower Collaboration Suite offers secure business connections for all company members. This modern suite features expert conferencing tools such as:

• Microsoft Lync. - Initiate, chair and join both scheduled and impromptu video, audio and virtual meetings. Lead a training session, share documentation or share a document markup via the online whiteboard. 

• Intercall Conferencing. - With this feature, staff members can participate in a conference at any and all times. Each employee can dial the dedicated phone number for the conference, input the conference code and/or pin and interact on numerous phone types, including Skype for business. 

• Video. - With combinations of Lync and Skype features, users can connect and interact globally on varied digital devices. This can be accomplished when users add contacts from Skype for business to Lync (and vice-versa). With the addition of these contacts, presence sharing is activated. 

• Microsoft Sharepoint. - This handy tool provides users with a centralized point for sharing data and publishing informational reports. Features of this tool include Wiki, Smart Search, Discussion Boards and Process Flows along with synced documents.

Reliable Cloud Services

Companies of all types and sizes can benefit greatly from the empowerment of CallTower's offer of Intronis Enterprise Cloud Backup and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This CRM service is scalable, providing seamless connection for staff members with their clients and with other employees. All customer data and service options are simply and easily regulated. With Intronis cloud backup and recovery services, companies enjoy a powerful data recovery and archival plan. This option is very user-friendly and cost-efficient.

Convenient CallTower Connect

With CallTower Connect, clients can customize ultimate quality services from this innovative telecommunications service provider. Users are encouraged to make changes to their service features and contact centers as often as needed or desired. Mobile users can also benefit from the many advantages of CallTower:Connect Mobile. This mobile access enables company staff members to be securely connected with all CallTower services, regardless of their physical locations. This benefit is especially helpful to employees who work from home or travel frequently for business.