Cheapest way to make calls while traveling

I read in my local newspaper this past weekend that the best way to dial the states when I am touring the world is to buy an inexpensive mobile phone here in the US and then get a chip in the country which I will be making outgoing calls from. I am not sure that is the best option when I think I can walk into an internet café sip a famous European espresso and dial my Mum for less than the coffee probably cost by using a cool VoIP program like Skype. The newspaper says that another great way to make frugally minded international calls is to obtain a country-specific calling card and use it on a public or hotel phone. There are numerous types of cards with varying minute options with oodles of rate plans tailored to calling the United States or who knows maybe even a cave in Afghanistan or a Lanai in Kenya. Calling cards can be found in bookstores and convenient stores abroad. For local calls while traveling purchase an “unlocked” phone and with a local SIM card which can be found at a mobile phone store and the great thing about using a local SIM card is that local callers can reach you without dialing an international number. Of course like I mentioned earlier there is always Skype which allows one to make phone calls through a computer. Outgoing calls to land lines can cost as little as 1 or 2 cents a minute and sometimes you can even find a VoIP carrier that will host a call free of charge. What other VoIP programs do you use when traveling? Let me know by submitting a reply to this blog or by posting your own.