A Few Cool Features of a Virtual PBX

The demand for virtual phone companies is rapidly increasing. A number of VoIP companies are now offering this service as a result of the increasing demand. A virtual PBX is a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) communication service that is offered by a telecommunications provider in the form of a hosted phone service.

A hosted PBX service offers a variety of features for call management. These features will enable you to deal with customer calls with better efficiency and organization. A virtual phone also enhances the internal office communication system. For small businesses, a virtual phone is highly advantageous as it can help a company improve its communication system considerably in a very cost-effective manner.

Phone companies usually offer all the basic features. However, some companies offer additional features that give them a more competitive edge in the industry and make them a preferred choice for customers. A few of the latest and very cool features offered by VoIP companies are:

Global Contact Numbers

This is a very interesting and cost-effective feature that allows businesses to portray themselves as an international company. The international calling program offered by virtual phone companies can provide you with local numbers for countries outside the U.S. You can give these numbers to your international customers who are not living in the U.S. This will allow them to connect to you in the U.S. by dialing a local number.

In addition to enhancing the communication service, the system will reduce communication costs for your business and give your company the image of being an international business with many branch offices in different countries around the world.

Chat Calls

Rather than calling every customer to tell them about your new products or services, you can use the feature of chat calls. This feature allows you to record a personalized verbal message announcing a new sales offer or the launch of a new product. You can send this voice message to all your customers who will be able to hear the customized messages on their phone. Chat calls are a new and fun way to approach your customers and interact with them. The service is absolutely free and will delight your customers.

Google Gadget

This new feature is useful as it allows employees to switch their calls from their mobile, workplace phones or home phones in a few moments using the personalized Google desktop or the iGoogle plug-in. This allows users to conveniently manage their phone extensions without much effort. Your employees can also adjust phone settings to make a certain phone extension ring before the others.

An added feature of this phone is the “do not disturb” mode. You can set the phone on this mode while you are busy in a meeting and all your calls will automatically be directed to other phone extensions or to voicemail.

Integration with Outlook

Another additional feature that can make communication easy for you is the integration of a phone with Outlook. A virtual phone can be completely integrated with outlook to enable you to receive faxes directly to your outlook account. You can also send your faxes directly from programs like MS Word, PowerPoint or Excel. Moreover, you can make calls using Outlook. This reduces the need for specific programs to make calls or to send and receive faxes as Outlook will do the entire work for you.

Voicemail Interrupt

Similar to an answering machine, a virtual phone can take voicemail for you from your customers. You can listen to the voicemail while your customer is leaving the message. While listening to the message, if you feel that the call is important, you can receive the phone and answer the call at anytime while the voicemail is being recorded.

Customized Message on Hold Plans

Like other phone services, you can customize your virtual phone to promote your products or services or to answer customer queries while they hold and wait for you to receive their call. This can keep your customers busy and give you an opportunity to promote yourself as well.

Text Voicemail

Having written messages in front of you are easier to deal with than listening to every individual voicemail. With a virtual PBX, you are able to get your verbal voicemails in the form of a fax or as an email. This way, you do not have to listen to the actual message and can just read all the messages you get on your computer screen. A group of transcribers will convert your voicemail to a message before emailing it to you. The phone company will charge a minimal fee per message for the service. However, you will notice that you can simplify and enhance the efficiency your communication in an inexpensive way.

These features make the virtual phone a must have for your business. With virtual phones, you can cut costs, reduce the effort and enhance the entire communication system of your business. It will enable you to provide your customers better customer service and keep them satisfied.