Communications Simplified

If you're looking for business VOIP, look no further than Forethought Communications. With hosted PBX and cloud services that you can rely on, the company does everything the right away, and for an even more cost-effective option than many other companies offer. is based in Colorado, and offers services for internet, cloud, hosted PBX, and phone. The offices for Forethought are in Denver, Grand Junction, and Durango, and Forethought Communications offers enterprise-level solutions for all your voice, phone, cloud services, hosted PBX, business VOIP, and data needs for your company. Forethought's goal is to minimize slow internet speeds by offering a wide variety of options for the business user. Forethought's service area is across Colorado, and it even expands to Farmington, New Mexico. 

One of Forethought's best services is business PBX, also known as hosted PBX. This is a full-featured business VOIP solution for all your needs with phone lines, including the possibility to save $100s or $1000s per month, all with PerfectPBX, which is a hosted solution that will completely take your mind off money worries and keep it where it needs to be---your business. PerfectPBX is hosted PBX, and it's a full-feature system that keeps you from being locked into a business vendor and telephone system, but allows you to maintain control both of your finances and of your business while you seek to expand what you can offer to your clients and customers. The third-party development community is always coming up, too, with new features and applications to make your system run even more smoothly. Cloud services are looking good.

With Forethought Communications, you'll get PerfectPBX, which delivers 100% landline quality to your phone system. You'll learn how to use this with ease, and business VOIP has never been simpler. Forethought uses broadband to make the most of your phone connection. If your offices are housed in different places, you'll be able to get one phone system for all your offices, and you can take advantage of this easily. Forethought can help you organize offices that are stateside, or even offices that are located all around the world. With Forethought's business VOIP, you only pay for simultaneous calls, too. Forethought Communications likes to keep it simple, and you'll not pay a monthly fee for each handset. The only thing you pay for is the number of lines needed at one time, so you save big.

Cloud services are the next big thing, so you'll get plenty of help with Forethought's phone system. You'll get advanced features, but you won't have to pay for a whole phone system that could cost you too much money. You'll get feature codes, multi-level attendants, IP trunks, inbound and outbound routes, DIDs, ring groups, and much more. Response time with Forethought is quick, and you're sure to love the advance notification you'll get for issues that are upcoming, as well as the fact that the company keeps downtime at a minimum. It will be like the difference between night and day for you if you go with Forethought, and you're sure to appreciate all the features that PerfectPBX offers.

PerfectPBX offers many voicemail features, including mailboxes, voice to email integration, message waiting indicators, multiple voicemail folders, and web management of voicemail recordings. Call features include caller ID blocking, call screening (based on caller ID), call forward on busy, call forward on no answer, follow me, follow me on caller ID, call transfer, do not disturb, one touch call recording, virtual extensions, media file management, music-on-hold system, and click-to-call recording options. You'll love the full system of directory options, including company and enhanced directories, and also personal contact lists. You'll also find conference rooms, with both virtual and fixed rooms, dynamic or otherwise. 

With hosted PBX options with Forethought Communications, you only pay $20 per month per phone line, which is sure to save you a lot of money. You can get up to 100 phone extensions. Keep in mind, too, that you'll only pay for simultaneous calls, and you have many long distance options available to you, which are flexible and cost effective. You can also get DIDs, and inbound and outbound routes, and you're sure to appreciate all the options gives you. 

With, quality is guaranteed, and service is the top priority. You can also apply for VOIP phone leasing, which is sure (also) to save you some money and give you a chance to find out if VOIP works for you. Keep in mind, as we've mentioned, that you will pay by the phone line, not by the handset, so you're sure to appreciate this feature as extremely money-saving. And also, virtually all features are included in this price. And also, the portal that you'll use to login and pay and check things online is really easy-to-use, and you're sure to find what you need there to make your experience with the best it can be.

So keep in mind that Forethought offers you the best you can expect in VOIP and PBX quality and pricing. If you live in Colorado, or in the area that services, be in touch to find out how you can sign up for services in the most excellent company working in information, data, cloud services, and information today. For business VOIP and hosted PBX, there's no need to look any further, as you have seen. What are you waiting for?