Free VoIP Calling on Android

Google is dumping its support for the open-messaging protocol, Jabber, and folks are left wondering how to keep making free calls on an Android. Google Talk was the only supporter of server-to-server federation. While it will still be supporting XMPP client-to-server connections, this doesn't stop folks from feeling set adrift in a sea of unknown options. Will they be left with complicated options and no way of making calls that don't consume mobile minutes? Nope. In 20 seconds or so Android VoIP users can resume making free calls with a new number without having to give the company with more than your email address and name to So all is not lost for the Android VoIP free call fan.

More VoIP apps are bound to pop up and fill the void Google just left because there are plenty of VoIP apps on the market now to help you keep those free conversations flowing.

While most of the apps that depended on Google Voice support got to hear the grim reaper knocking on their doors, several prophetic visionaries stay afloat with reliable alternatives for the Android user. Though they're not all true, dedicated style VoIP methods, they will still work on an Android - and one of the following methods may also work for you.

Pay Up Front

You can call make and receive calls from landlines from apps such as Skype if you have a number and have funded the account. The rates are not too bad - but sadly, while your Android minutes won't accumulate during use of this app, it isn't considered a free solution in reality, but it is a workable solution to keeping your talk time off the grid of an Android's service provider's minutes.

Gather Your Friends

The reality now if you don't go with a dependent app is that you're going to have to get your buddies to install and use a community based app such as Viber, Kakao Talk or Bolt. Having to stick to a dedicated calling environment is no doubt a hassle, but at least you're not completely without options here.

Keep Your Eyes Open

As we speak, developers are striving to fill the free VoIP calling void Google has created. Bolt is ahead of the game in creating solutions that do not eat up your Wi-Fi calling minutes. Companies like this will be routing communications over VoIP so that calls won't count against an Android user's minutes.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Someday soon you will probably be able to port your number to one of these up and coming VoIP apps and pay a low subscription fee for unlimited calling and texts.

The very future of telecommunications is now in flux. Everyone is using smartphones so VoIP telephony is definitely the landline's biggest challenger. "VoIP has become a common solution in offices and some homes, and now it's beginning to look like a viable replacement to cellphone service on mobile devices with the potential for cost savings to organizations that manage many devices," states Colin Wood, a government technology contributor.

With businesses and private users focused on VoIP, once the gate of VoIP opens a bit wider with innovative technological breakthroughs, it will not be easy to close. The question is, when will this gateway to the future open? That answer remains uncertain because VoIP is advancing behind the scenes everyday.

For example, within the last month one company was first to market with a dedicated, cost-effective mobile VoIP service. Will there be more companies like this one to emerge? The answer to that question is a definitive yes. The VoIP trend is growing. Quality, cost-effective VoIP options are evolving. It's just a matter of time until more breakthroughs occur because VoIP is the premier alternative to mobile telephony.

While we will always need service in between to make it possible to stay in contact when wireless Internet connections are not available, maybe this too will change in the future. When we all have perpetual wireless access, VoIP will be the only way to go.

So what do you plan to do in the interim? Keep spoiling yourself and your business with the cost-effective and feature-filled VoIP phone systems or Virtual PBX setups as you wait for the future of making free calls on and Android mobile through VoIP to arrive.